Meet Charlie and Sam

Charlie posing for the camera

I will round off the Fons & Porter Staff Quilts and Pets Week by introducing you to a couple of my pets.

Charlie on the ironing board

I am a new quilter and have just started using my new sewing room. Our cat, Charles Whiskers, or Charlie for short, has started poking around the room while I’m sewing.

Last night I finally got all of the blocks sewn together for my daughter’s quilt, and Charlie decided he would help out a little bit while we were placing the blocks on the design board.


This is our dog, Samson. Even though Sam doesn’t help me quilt, I had to take a picture of him sitting on my first quilt. I made this quilt for my husband for Christmas and Sam loves the quilt as much as my husband does!


We hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of our pets. We have certainly enjoyed seeing the pictures you are sharing with.

Until next time…Happy Quilting!

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant

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7 thoughts on “Meet Charlie and Sam

  1. I love your room–hoping to have one some day–how did you pick the pattern for your daughters quilt–i have fabric and lots of ideas from the magazines–but getting started is so hard when you know you have to put it up so we can eat at the table. congrats to you

  2. I don’t allow my cat Bella which looks like your cat except she has a white diamond on her neck/chest…she loves to spread her “love” aka black hair around too much…so I set a boundry and when I am sewing or in “my playroom” for any reason she has to stay at the door and look pitiful….sometimes she “forgets” and slips in and I just have to show her my spray bottle, I never have to use it, and she squints her eyes at me and lays down at the door…. I talk to her and let her know I still love her and when i come out I pet her and praise her for being a good girl… But, knowing cats the way I do…the door closes behind me~~~;)

  3. My cat Narcissa (Cissa) isn’t allowed in my sewing room. So she sneaks in when I’m not looking and steals my Fons and Porter seam ripper and the stilleto. I still haven’t found my seam ripper yet. I am hoping she will tell me where it is soon as I know I will need it to un-sew a few pieces.

  4. We have a beautiful black and white cat named Emma who loves to sleep in my sewing room. She also loves to lay on my fabric and current blocks under construction.
    Recently I was working on a flannel raggedy quilt and she found the blocks and slept on them. Needless to say, it took about 20 minutes to remove her hair with a rubber scrub brush before I could put them together. Now she is sleeping in the old rocker I have in there, which is covered with yet another quilt.

  5. My cat, Kasey, is another all black cat. As soon as he hears the sewing machine start up, he is there. He goes between the sofa and the floor by my feet. He loves sleeping on any of the quilts, finished or not. And I get to pet him in between stitching. I can’t imagine sewing without my buddy.

  6. I have two cats, Beau and Cheri. Cheri likes to sleep on anything soft in my sewing room, while Beau likes to steal things. He takes them to my bedroom where he hides them in my closet. They are brother and sister. My grand-daughter found them in Lowes parking lot. They were about 3 weeks old. I bottle fed them and of course couldn’t part with them after that. They are both fixed.

  7. My 91 year old mother and I make quilts every month and donate them to people less fortunate. We have sent several to Mc Donalds house in Memphis. We donate to the children’s hospital in Little Rock. This is beautiful fabric and will make someone feel loved or happy when its finished. Mom gave quilts to flood victims when they lost their homes.
    I cut, she sews, and I quilt. She says it keeps her busy and gives her a lot of pleasure. I know it keeps her alive.