Love of Quilting Christmas Potluck






Today was our Love of Quilting Christmas Potluck. We had a lot of fun taking time to celebrate the holiday together.

Our advertising manager was able to come into town to celebrate with us. It was great having Cristy here with us this year.





Instead of secret santa, we have secret stockings. We had 20 stockings to fill this year. Those who want to participate get small trinkets to put into the stockings. They were packed this year, I guess we were all on the “nice” list!



Another tradition we have is our fabric giveaways. We each draw a number and as our number is called, we are able to go and choose a bundle of fabric. We will all be able to start on our projects for 2012 with the fabric we got today.



We hope you have a fantastic holiday season. If you don’t have special traditions, start a new one. One is never too old or young to begin a new tradition that will bring years of memories. We look forward to inspiring you in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

The Fons & Porter Staff

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One thought on “Love of Quilting Christmas Potluck

  1. I like your sharing bundles at Christmas time. We always have extra fat quarters in our stash piles, don’t we? What a fun idea to suggest to my quilting guild! They are, by the way, the nicest bunch of ladies I’ve ever had the privilege to know!