Lines by Design: Bed-Size Quilts & FREE Patterns!

What’s in a line? For a quilter, that question has many answers. For Debbie Grifka, author of Lines by Design Quilts, she doesn’t just answer the question, she quilts it.

Lines By Design - Quilt Pattern Books

Including straight lines, curves and pictorial shapes, Lines by Design Quilts demonstrates a clean, modern approach to quilt design, using the endless creativity of lines achieved through bias, machine appliqué and traditional piecing.

Author Debbie Grifka’s quilts are bold statement pieces for your home and that will have you rethinking your room décor. Pictorial favorites include coffee cups and simplistic houses while more abstract designs borrow inspiration from classics like the Double Wedding Ring.

You’ll never look at a simple line quite the same again! See for yourself with a couple of FREE patterns from the book: Lines Pillow and Daisy Pillow.

Lines by Design Quilts - Lines Pillow
Lines Pillow by Debbie Grifka
Lines by Design Quilts - Daisy Pillow
Daisy Pillow by Debbie Grifka

Happy Quilting!

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