Make Appliqué Portraits from your Pet Photos!

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Appliqué Portraits from Pet Photos

Starting with a photo as a template, “paint” a portrait of your pet in fabric with this easier-then-it-looks technique. Jodie Davis walks you through tracing shapes from the photo onto fusible web to fusing them and then finishing the edges to make a unique fabric image of your pet that will surprise you in how realistic it is.

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4 thoughts on “Make Appliqué Portraits from your Pet Photos!

  1. Please contact me if you’d like me to send you photos of “Alice’s Pickle Dish” done in a king size quilt. My neighbor Donna Greene, a long-time quilter, was able to expand the table runner pattern given and make this beautiful quilt.

  2. I’m just a wannabe. I’m about to start to look for a new sewing machine. Mine is a 30 year old Kenmore. That said I want a machine that I can start to learn to quilt and that I can just sew other stuff too. I’d appreciate any input