It’s fair time in Madison County!

I bet it’s fair time where you are too!

A few of us here in the office were 4-H er’s or leaders and had to go check out the projects today at noon.

It brought back memories of my kids working on projects and how proud they were when they were finally done and judged. And, yes- the late nights trying to get them done in time!

But now that they are parents, it’s fun to listen to them while they show their kids pictures of themselves at the fair and how much fun they had.

This project had a blue ribbon on it—way to go!








Who knows- we may see them published in Love of Quilting a few years from now. Go and check out the fair and support these youth.

Enjoy a funnel cake while you’re there!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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One thought on “It’s fair time in Madison County!

  1. Our family has been heavily involved with fair and special needs clients. We have connected the clients with fair entries. You talk about seeing child like enthusium. You should see their reaction when we take them to the fair and they see ribbons on their entries. It brings a whole new level of self esteem and self worth to these clients.