Is it in the paper or someone to help you tear it away?

As you may have read, my color challenge is also to use paper piecing.  It’s by far the most labor intensive quilt I’ve ever made, but as it goes together, the most rewarding!

I’ve learned a lot about paper piecing. All the papers I tried copied well. I did find out that when using my printer at home, using the best quality print setting is not necessary.  I use the lightest setting, and I can see the printing just fine. In fact, the heavier ink marks up my ironing board cover when pressing more than the low quality printing did.

I think the deciding factor when choosing a paper is in how easily the paper tears away when the piecing is done.

The paper that tore off the best, was Carol Doak‘s Foundation Paper, but I did find that if you have to remove stitching, the paper also tears more easily. All in all, it was worth printing a few extra patterns just in case.

Unfortunately, the paper I used the most, does not tear off so easily!  I recommend a wooden stiletto to help remove the paper pieces. It helps rip and pick at paper without the danger of poking a hole through the fabric.

Depending on the size of the project, I also recommend the help of a friend or husband, as it is very time consuming!

Mmmm—do I show him this picture I took with my phone?

I think I’ll wait until he’s done!

Happy paper piecing!

Diane, Assistant Editor


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