How to Make Sashiko Pot Holders


Learn to make stunning Sashiko-inspired pot holders with fiber artist and sewing educator Ellen Osten with Daily Craft TV.

In this DCTV webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Translate the Sashiko pattern from a square to a pot holder
  • Construct a grid for the Sashiko pattern
  • Choose fabrics that are appropriate for a Sashiko-inspired pot holder

Take an old favorite and make it new again! Making potholders with unique designs are fun for personal use and gift-giving. 

A link to download the stitching, circle, and folding patterns ($6.99 value each) will be available for free after your class purchase.

An example of these pot holders are shown below. 

How to make pot holders with an included pattern.

Watch the preview of this class below!

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One Response to How to Make Sashiko Pot Holders

  1. New to quilting! And just started watching your show.
    I am fascinated by a dress worn on one of the episodes! It was 2 colors separated diagonally with a chartreuse green on the top and a darker color on the bottom-brown, navy?.
    The sleeves were asymmetrical one side being long sleeves appearing set in and the other draped.
    I did learn about the 9 patch and the ‘garden’ quilt
    But I would really like more information on that dress!!!
    Thank you

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