How do you say ‘I love you’?

You, the mother. You, the wife. You, the grandmother. You, the quilter. The month of February is always a countdown to the most delicate and romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or would rather skip it, Valentine’s Day eDP1304361xists to remind us to do one thing: L-O-V-E.

But what does that really mean? I love my family and I spend enough time with my quilt guild that we may as well be family, but how do you show them how much they mean to you?

It’s the question we’re challenged with, and, maybe I’m a little biased, but I think it’s a lot easier for us quilters to show our love. I mean, have you ever made a quilt that you weren’t thinking about how pleased the recipient would be when they received it? You think about their favorite colors when you pick fabrics and what style fits them most. Whoever receives your quilt can be sure that every minute you spent measuring, cutting, ironing, and sewing was spent thinking about them.

You can make them a number of small projects like a cute little candy holder, a Flirty table runner or an XOXO pillow. All adorable and quick to make. But what do you do for yourself?


I’m going to take a wild guess here and say you probably make quilted gifts for your family and friends all year long, but rarely quilt for yourself. No, I’m not talking about the pot holder you had to make because you just couldn’t let that gorgeous fabric go to waste.

No matter your reason for quilting, we want to spend the whole month of March, which is National Craft Month, to celebrate you, the quilter.

We’re dedicating National Craft Month to you by posting your quilt projects, big and small, to our Facebook page. We’re celebrating YOU.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send me a picture of the quilt you’ve created that you’re most proud of. It can be an original design or an interpretation from one in a publication.
  2. Tell me why you love it so much.
  3. Give me a short description of how you made it– techniques, tools, templates. I want all the details. If you remember which magazine it came from, let me know.
  4. Make sure to include name and location so I can give you credit.

Send your submissions to and I’ll pick a few to feature on our Facebook page each week. If you haven’t liked us yet, make sure you do so you won’t miss your post. Submissions without all above information included will not be eligible.

Oh, and I’ll also pick three submissions at random to win a gift package packed full of fabric, magazines and other goodies, just to show you how much we appreciate you. It looks a little something like this:15.02.12_QCA-Giveaway-005

I’m looking forward to seeing all your beautiful quilty creations!

Happy Quilting!

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15 thoughts on “How do you say ‘I love you’?

  1. I m ade my first quilt with a friend who when I asked if she would help me to make some placemats she said we needed to go larger and she talked me into a quilt top with heart shaped log cabin blocks. Her thought you can always go smaller . Having the last name of Hart it seemed only right. She had a camp weekend which I was invited to attend with her family and friends and we cut out my quilt together there. Even her husband cut some for me. Both of us are breast cancer survivors and since my mom was an avid quilter I wanted to learn quilting to keep her love of sewing alive and to have something’s to pass on to my family as well. Another camp weekend we started to sew my quilt top together. We all brought food to share and had such fun. My mom would be so proud. My friend is in heaven now but her memory lives on in our quilt and all the wonderful memories we shared working together for our heart quilt. I am addicted to fabric and have since brought in many friends and family into the love of making quilts ❤️

  2. I made this table topper because i so loved it as a kid….It was in a magazine called stitch and sew quilts in jan/feb 1983 buy Ruby Hinson called soldiers field……….But never understood the pattern and last year i finally sat down and figured it out……..So all these years i had a big love for this pattern……it was so easy i guess i just wasnt ready to give it a try till now….

  3. I sent mine! Yahoo was having sending issues, so it may have sent twice because I wanted to be sure you got it. Please ignore one of them as they are the same.

  4. The quilt I am most proud of is one I made for my granddaughter. It was my adaptation of a quilt pattern I had purchased. Sorry I don’t have the picture on my computer to be able to attach it.