Guess what came yesterday?


The wind was blowing, a cold rain was falling, and the chill of autumn was in the air for sure. It always happens like that: the season changes on a dime and you know the year is progressing. I love fall, but there is also an attendant melancholy, isn’t there?

I might be feeling that because I’m here in IA, and when I smell or feel fall here, I think about all the back-to-school days I experienced, the homecoming games and dances, the precipitously dropping temperatures as I walked to school.

I’m here in Iowa because we taped the 2100 series of LOQ beginning Sept. 3rd and wrapped last week. I’m off to do photography today for the Jan/Feb issue of Quilty and sign off on the Fall/Winter ’12 issue tomorrow! The issue will be on sale Oct. 15th and trust me: it’s even better than the first issue. You’ll see… 🙂

And when I think about a great series and a whole new slew of Quilty magazine and a shoot coming up for the show, any trace of melancholy goes right out the window. Who could be soggy with so much to be happy about??



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Mary Fons hails from a prominent quilt mafia family. A professional writer and performer, Mary co-hosted the nationally-airing PBS program "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting" along with her mom, famed quilter and educator Marianne Fons. In 2010, Mary began hosting Quilty, an online show offered weekly on QNNtv.com. In 2012, Mary became editor of Quilty magazine. She holds a Theater Arts BA from the University of Iowa.

6 thoughts on “Whirlwinds.

  1. Fall. My favorite season in the year. Everything is crisp, gorgeous… and yes with Fall comes a bit of melancholia. Being a naturally melancholy soul, I think it is why I love the season so much. But it is so renewing! I will miss these change of seasons, as I have relocated from Seattle to Florida – culture shock! Yes, I will Fall and her colors dearly…

  2. Looking forward to the Fall/Winter issue of Quilty magazine. I love this season, especially in the Northeast where I live. It was a particularly hot summer, so I’m appreciating the cooler mornings of Autumn. Even bought my first pumpkin!

  3. Happy to hear there is an issue forthcoming. All the people to whom I gave gifts of Quilty have been asking “When?! When?! WHEN will that adorable Mary Fons give us a new issue of Quilty?” No more shrugging! We have a date! Wheeeee! Hoping for lots more orange quilts, seeing as it’s fall and everything.

  4. I love the fall too. Quilting, knitting and all the other fun activities resume. I am very eagerly awaiting the next Quilty magazine issue–while still happily flipping through the last one. I love the Swoon pattern as well, Kelli.

  5. Happy to know new series 2100 is in the works for LOQ—love that show——However, it’s takes frightfully long to get the DVD. Could that process be speeded up. Need to make those quilts!