What I’m Working On…

There’s an important component or two to this quilt that isn’t finished yet — one applique component and one backing fabric component that are significant in terms of design/concept — but this is what I’m working on tonight:


I may not be the beginner I once was but lemme tell you: I’m still learning. You know what’s hard? Trying to match those darned pink sashing strips. I didn’t do cornerstones, just tried to line up my rows. NOT EASY. It’s not perfect and the one row that isn’t joined? Yeah, it’s because I think I’d better wait till tomorrow when I a) am not so tired, b) the light is better, and c) I have gotten a good 8 hours. It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

Remember, quilters: Sew with a baggy bottom. If you’re joining rows and one is a little bigger than the other, or you somehow have found yourself with slack, put the larger/slacker row on the bottom. The feed dogs of your machine will take up some of that length. This has helped saved me from disaster many times, including with the above quilt.

But isn’t it awesome?? I love the huge, HUGE “x’s” and the bold, “Here I am, deal with it” feeling of this puppy. Le sigh. L’amour.

How about you? What are YOU working on??

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15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…

  1. Right there with you on so many of those same struggles! Now if our only concern was the quilt row and not also having this mantra happen to OUR bottoms as we age…we’ll be fighting it on both ends, literally.

  2. I’m finishing up a charity quilt and just blogged about it. Now to figure out how to quilt it :/ decisions decisions. I also re-watched your labeling a quilt episode today. Great stuff and it’s timeless!!

  3. HI! I just discovered your blog! WooHoo! I am always looking for ideas and methods to improve my quilting. I use quilting as a stress reliever from my daytime job of a Special Education teacher!

  4. Im new to quilting. I come from a long line of quilters. My mom who died when I was very young. My grandmother and I have quilts from both my great grandmothers. Sad to say they were all gone before they could teach me the art. I’ve tried to hand quilt, copying from their finished and unfinished quilts but I’m a little, no, a LOT lost. Help

  5. I just finished a Gypsy Quilt from the great book Material Obsession for my little sister. I even dared to machine quilt the whole thing on my little sewing machine. The concentric stars came out beautiful! Now to finish my older sisters quilt Twistar by Linda Warren not feelings the dark colors in this gorgeous weather though.

  6. Lovely project! I am working on a quilt for my little girl that features chickens…she loves her hens and has asked for a quilt that has chickens that look like her own little flock.

    I am gearing up to start two quilt tops this summer. One will be an Amish style medallion top and the other will be similar to Jane Austen’s quilt! I may hand piece that one 🙂

  7. Thanks for your support, Linda. Welcome to the world of Quilty, If you like the Quilty blog checkout the web show and magazine. Quilting is indeed a great way to relieve stress, it definitely works for us at Quilty 🙂 Keep up all of the wonderful work!
    – Mary and the Quilty team

  8. Thanks for watching, January. We appreciate your enthusiasm and the time it took to write us. Good luck with your charity quilt, I’m sure it will be outstanding!
    -Mary and the Quilty team

  9. It’s a process and a great way to continue your quilting heritage, Cammye. You can do it! Keep watching and reading Quilty and most importantly, keep sewing!
    -Mary and the Quilty team

  10. Good luck with all of your quilt projects, Brandy. Working by hand is therapeutic, and quilts inspired by literature are the best.
    – Mary and the Quilty team

  11. Here’s a little hint. When you do sashing, if you will sew the side piece of sashing (in this case the pink), then sew the sashing on the bottom of each square, you then have a seam to line up and they will come out perfectly. I now them this way (kind of like an L) instead of doing all the sides, then a long strip between the rows, and it makes lining everything up so much easier.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Hi Mary,
    Could you do a show on how to fix problems like this? I have this and other problems and I just don’t know what to do. The shows and books and other online resources seem to always demonstrate the best case perfect scenario but that does not (usually) happen for me, at least not yet. So maybe some help with common mistakes and how to correct them. Also times have changes and I think more guys are becoming interested in quilting so how about a masculine quilt block and tips on how to combine more masculine colors (I find the lighter and brighter, usually more feminine colors easier to combine). I’m lovin Quilty!