What Are Your New Year’s Quilt Goals?

Did you notice it’s a new year? Sure is.

Add "Quilting" onto the board, of course.
Add “Quilting” onto the board, of course.

I know. It happens so fast and now we have to change the date on our checks and letters nine times before we get it right, usually somewhere around the end of February. And of course, this time of year is one of resolutions and goals and things. The most effective goals are not vague ones, though. “I want to lose weight” is less effective than saying, “I want to lose 5lbs in January by replacing my potato chips at lunch with an apple and I will walk the dog around the block three times instead of just once.” That’s doable, right?

Quilt-related goals are the same. Let’s look at a few suggestions for specific quilt-related goals in the New Year, shall we? First, a tough, non-specific goal and second, a more specific one. Good luck!

Hard: “I’m going to finish all my UFOs, once and for all!”
Doable: “I’m going to finish two UFOs by the end of winter. The end of winter is April 1st, basically.”

Hard: “I’m going to hand quilt all my quilts this year, as God as my witness! Slow stitching!”
Doable: “I’m interested in this ‘slow stitch’ thing. When I finish my lap quilt/patchwork pillow project, I’m going to try some hand-quilting this time. If I like it, maybe it’ll be something I do again.”

Hard: “I’m going to sew more, once and for all!”
Doable: “This year, I’d like to try and complete six quilts, from fabric cutting to binding. They can be a variety of sizes and baby quilts count! But I really want to make more time for my favorite pastime/art and to commit to six quilts will ensure that I do just that.”

See? Now you think about your goals and be specific, okay?

Good advice!
Good advice!

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8 thoughts on “What Are Your New Year’s Quilt Goals?

  1. I decided that this year I wanted to meet more quilters. So I broke the goal down into manageable parts:

    1. Attend at least one meeting at three of the guilds in my area and see if one ‘clicks’ for me.

    2. Participate in at least two block exchanges online

    3. Start a blog

    These are all workable steps for in introvert like me to break out of my shell.

  2. I want to machine quilt at least one of the many quilt tops that I made last year. I have machine quilted baby quilts but have been intimidated by the larger ones, time to give it a try.
    I also started a new quilt project on New Years Day to ensure that I will have a happy new year doing what I love.

  3. I will finish binding & hand-quilting my lap quilt.
    I will plan, cut, piece and quilt one quilt each for my kids (2).
    I will attend at least one quilt show this year; and,
    I will attend at least one quilt guild meeting in 2015.

  4. Let’s face it. To get good at something, you have to practice — a lot. I plan to make one quilt a month. Some of these, mind you, will be rather small, some will be table runners, a place mat counts too, but I will do one large, small or in-between quilt a month. I’ve already done my January quilt, and I’m counting finishing up a quilt my mom started as February. Hopefully, this wedding ring quilt (in a day version) will be my March — the wedding’s in May and the shower’s in March so it better be. To be continued…

  5. Evidence of growth and potential are key foundations in creating anything I make. Quilting in new ways, exploring 3D quilts, designing quilts and quilt fabric, and the best part of all: sharing it with others as often as possible, will keep me busy for the entire year. Then there’s the website thing.

  6. My goals for this year were to learn my new machine (singer patchwork), which I did. I not only learned the machine, but also learned about 2 new feet (1/4″ piecing and overcast (where have you been my whole life? Oh, right, in the bag with all the other feet I didn’t know would make my sewing life easier). I also wanted to learn how to free-motion quilt (on the new machine), I’ve learned, but haven’t practiced yet. And I wanted to challenge myself with 3 new clothing/soft sculpture patterns. (I have fallen in love with (and purchased most of) candy castle designs for clothing, and have about 40 general craft store patterns (buttericks, simplicity, etc) for soft sculpture and 18″ doll clothing. My final goals are to be able to combine 2 or more patterns (which I am doing with my wedding dress) and to learn and practice designing my own and being able to pattern an item by just looking at it (i.e. Clothing or soft sculptures). Still working on those.