To Market, To Market!

I’m in Houston! It’s Market/Festival time!

The air is crisp. The energy is crackling. Actually, I haven’t left the airport yet, so I don’t know about the air in Houston. It doesn’t often get too crisp down here from my experience, but it might be crisp. I’ll let you know. I can tell you that the energy IS crackling, though. Everywhere, standing at luggage carousels and coming out of gates like B30 and B14 are…quilters!

(Thanks for the image, Google Image Search! Thanks to whoever took the original shot, too…)

There will be many more who converge on this city before a full week passes. Exciting! It’s the biggest show of the year and I’m thrilled to be here again. Is it my 5th Market? Something like that. I still have some work to do before tomorrow. It’s a big day of taping and webinar-ing and meeting folks new and known.

For those of you coming to Houston, I hope to see you. If I don’t see you it’s because I am doing the greased lighting thing, rushing to the next appointment, taping, etc.

You shall know me by the thread left in my wake.

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6 thoughts on “To Market, To Market!

  1. Don;t tell me I am the FIRST to post a note !!! … well let me tell you my small sewing group and I will be there Wed pm and back on Thurs… so you best know we are sooooooooooo excited .. it is my 8th ( I think ) … and every year when I pull out my tote I find all kinds of goodies from the last year.. the pin…some candy .. some business cards… a bit of change… ( seed $$ my Momma always said ) … and it adds to the excitement of what is in store.. This year 2 of us are going to be sporting the ” Rick-Rack”” tote from your website… if I spot you I will ask you to sign it .. See you soon !!!

  2. Hi Mary, I introduced myself to you at Market yesterday right after you finished taping the seam ripper promo. I was in the pink wheelchair, I think your so down to earth and I love watching you and learning since I am new to quilting and all it involves. My first market was awesome. Have a great time in our great city!

  3. Good Luck in Houston this weekend. yes the air will be crisp, hope you can get out to enjoy a bit of the great cool weather. We in Houston welcome a few days like this, as next week will be quite different again. To market to market to buy a fat quarter or maybe a pig. LOL have fun