To Bee or Not to Bee?

So I got a question for you…

Are you familiar with cutting bees? Cutting bees are like quilting bees, only instead of gathering around a big frame and quilting with your girls, you all bring scraps and fabric, and cut out your individual quilts (or strips) together.

It sounds amazing, right?

I think so, and I’m going to have one soon. But that’s what I want to ask you all about. If you have thoughts or answers to these questions, let me know!

– Afternoon or evening?
– Wine? (Remember, rotary cutters are involved…)
– How much fabric should a person be required to bring? (Beginning quilters don’t always have a ton of fabric, you know…)
– Should there be a specific quilt we cut out together? More advanced quilters can take strips home and go nuts, but for beginners, it might be best to do the same project…
– What’s a good number? 6? 10?
– Is there a better name than “cutting bee”?

Thanks, gals!

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5 thoughts on “To Bee or Not to Bee?

  1. Oooooh!! Yes please! I would say evening might be better and maybe easy on the wine.

    I am a newish quilter but have been sewing since I was 7 and sometimes professionally, so the pattern/cutting part isn’t terribly scary to me.

    I would like the freedom to bring different projects, but maybe offer a basic project that a few quilting old hands agree to bring too, so that the newbies can join up if they would like.

  2. Wow..I think this is a great idea. I always find that when I’ve cut out a quilt with someone else there it goes so much faster…

    As to answering your questions, it really depends on the group of people you have to invite… If you have participants who have to work, that will affect the time.

    Wine for afterwards! When there should be much laughing as well.

    I think the amount of fabric depends on the next part..whether it’s for a project or not. I always favor having something specific, but your group of people may be comfortable with whatever.

    I think the number of people depends on the size or area you have… not being crowded is important with sharp tools! So I’d say size it smaller for safety.

    I do really think this is a wonderful idea!

  3. what a wonderful idea!! I think for a beginner like me it would be nice to have someone there that is experienced to help out with the cutting to make sure it’s done correctly!

  4. For those who have fabric to give away that isn’t them they could bring it to the newbeies to use….for practice or a project.
    A quilting bee is a good way to make something for a charity raffle too!

  5. Great idea . My quilt group is always looking for a new twist. We meet sat afternoon . I love your energy and love watching you with your Mom on tv .You make a good team .