Tisha Nagel: Quilty Supastahhhhh!


Director Jack and sound engineer Matt hang the masterpiece.
Director Jack and sound engineer Matt hang Tisha’s TIMQ masterpiece.


We get to have so many wonderful people step into the Quilty set.

As my sister and Quilty producer Rebecca Fons will tell you, it’s not always easy managing all the people who we invite onto the show. It’s a lot of logistics for a flurry of activity just two weekends a year. Everything needs to be in place, with a backup, before the gun fires and everyone takes off running to the finish line. But when the guests come in, it’s a little quilt love party and that makes it worthwhile.

Last shoot, we welcomed Tisha Nagel (not Tischa with a “c” as she kindly pointed out) to the Quilty fold and she made an extra good impression. How come? Well, not only did she come with the fabulous quilt you see up there being hung by our crew, but she brought gifts. Like, really good ones. She brought gourmet goodies for me and Rebecca and potholders, too, which of course she made herself. A potholder might not sound like that big of a deal, but it was homemade. And it was in special fabric just for me, too.

Tisha has a great blog called Quilty Therapy (no relation to this Quilty, but certainly a friend) and she’s very active in the Indiana Modern Quilt Guild. She has an adorable child and an equally adorable husband and in general, Tisha is great — not because she brought prezzies* but because she’s a great example of today’s quilter: energetic, curious, creative, and passionate about quilts. Whatever age you are, whatever skill level you’re working, if you call yourself a quilter in 2015, you’re in good company.

Tisha, this one’s for you. Watch her episode at QNNtv.com, too.

A Disappearing 9-Patch in Tisha's favorite Lotta Jansdottir fabric. Look for Tisha's TIMQ piece in Quilty in the Jan/Feb '15 issue.
A Disappearing 9-Patch in Tisha’s favorite Lotta Jansdottir fabric. She’s slightly obsessed with these fabrics, as you’ll learn in the Jan/Feb ’15 issue of Quilty. 



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