This Summer… The Scrap Quilt Reigns! (Calling All Submissions)

Quilty editorial meetings are always a lot of fun, but last week, we discussed something EXTRA neat: next summer (that’s 2014), we’re going to do a Special Totally Scrap Quilt Issue! Yeah! A whole issue of Quilty, devoted to the “scrap frenzy” that overtakes us all eventually. And yes, magazines work this far in advance: I guarantee you that the summer issue will be in production before we/you know it.

Because our art director was too busy working on the Jan/Feb ’14 issue, I made special artwork to help advertise it. I apologize in advance:

I'm better with paper and pencil, I swear. Computer art eludes me.
Making computer art that doesn’t look like it was made by a 5-year-old eludes me.

This is exciting! It’ll be the first time ever that we’re focusing an entire issue of Quilty on one idea.

The whole issue is going to be devoted to the glorious scrap quilt and we want to get the BEST scrap quilts in America (Canada, too) for the magazine. We usually run 13 projects, give or take one, and we haven’t begun selecting quilts for the summer issue, yet. That means that we have 13 slots open right now for…YOU. Yes, you. If you’ve got a scrap quilt in mind (or one that’s already finished, that’s okay, too) we would love to see your stuff.

Visit the Submission Guidelines page for the basics on submissions. You need to read this for sure, so don’t skip it. But note that for this issue, we’re taking only quilts that focus on using scraps. You DO NOT need to use 100% scraps, though; as long as the main idea of your quilt is scrappiness, you can use your favorite fabrics along with it. We like fabric companies. We like to buy fabric. So do that. But keep “SCRAP QUILT” in the forefront of your mind, here.

Remember: Quilty is friend to the beginner. So keep it simple. Remember that “simple” is not synonymous with “yawn,” however. Make the coolest, most gorgeous, most awesomest, beginner-level scrap quilt in the world, basically. Simple as that! And if you inch up to “intermediate,” we won’t immediately knock you off the list. But if your quilt is fabulous and something a new quilter can make? You just advanced to round two.

Deadline: Until further notice. When we have the quilts we want, we’ll let you know. I can tell you that the cutoff will be sometime in March.

Anyway, that’s the announcement and the scoop. So get crackin’ and we’ll see you this (scrappy) summer!



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14 thoughts on “This Summer… The Scrap Quilt Reigns! (Calling All Submissions)


  2. I am looking for a scrappy featuring the outdoors with pieced trees, pieced cabins, critters, etc. Am having no luck. Maybe you will feature such a quilt?????

  3. […] They are doing a scappy quilt edition June 2014 and are taking submissions now. Here is the link! This Summer? The Scrap Quilt Reigns! (Calling All Submissions) ? Hey Quilty Blogs Reply With […]

  4. Hi Ladies. I wish I take this challenge. I am a new, and I will do my first ever quilt. Of cause no one will take my work to magazine, I even have no idea if I will finish it. It is good, I do not need to buy anything. I will just use all what I do have handy.

    I do have a lot of ideas what to quilt, but I do have no any idea how to quilt, never even tried it. OK I’ll try my best.

  5. As a quilter, I am just one-year old, and my scraps are growing at an alarming rate. There are some that were wrong choices originally, some that never quite matched, some favorites left over, charm packs half-used up. I’ve no idea how to consider it all and plan a quilt. I’m losing control of storing it. Oh, and I have a box of orphan blocks too, some quite nice and some atrocious.. but the fabric is fine. I would like a strategy for dealing with it…. in this real world, without going out to buy even more. I do love Quilty for feeling like the friend sitting next to me.

  6. Yippie, scraps my favorite topic.. Working on a 3 dudes scraps. If I can’t enter then I’ll see others wonderful projects, it’s winter here, big time.. Snow banks height of windows. Sidewalks, one step forward 2 back. Ahh! What’s the point in losing precious time, groundhog and I are heading down to my basement toy room, lots of UFO’s on the go…
    Canadian quilter-Wpg.

  7. I have some scraps from the 60’s and 70’s as well as current ones; the older ones are poly/cotton. Do you mix the two fabrics in a quilt? Maybe your issue can address this. Love the mag!! I am an older new quilter. So fun, and such bright colors and fresh ways to use old ideas.

  8. I have tried emailing the address listed on the submission page, and gmail sends it back to me stating that it cannot deliver to that address. Is there an alternate email for submissions? Please Help.

  9. hoping this will be such a hit, mary, that you make it an annual event. 🙂 we love our scraps (and the stash just keeps growing with all the fabulous fabrics and projects out there). fun stuff. thanks ~