Quilts Are For Weddings

I’m at the airport, headed to a wedding. One of my very best friends in the whole world is getting married this weekend in New Hampshire and I’m going to see it all happen in all its nuptial glory. She will be the smartest, most beautiful bride EVER.

Here’s a picture of me and Sar, goofin’ in NYC about a year and a half ago. We wanted to get a picture of us that was NOT SMILEY. Why do people always smile in photos? They didn’t used to. Well, we gave it a shot.

I’m working on several quilts right now, and I’m going to give Sarah and her new husband whichever one they like. They’ll get to pick! Fun, right? I’m pretty sure she’ll want one of them. It’s usually a pretty safe bet that a quilt is going to be welcome. That’s one of the wonderful things about quilts. They are typically not re-gifted. They are typically loved. They are typically The Best Gift Ever.

I love you, S.G. Always, forever, you make me smile. Congratulations!!!


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7 thoughts on “Quilts Are For Weddings

  1. I am getting retired soon in 6 monts, all the uniforms that I used I want to make a quilt. I have no idea of how to. I will keep seen the videos until I make the quilt…

  2. Ruth, love your idea of the uniform keepsake quilt. You could always just cut it into strips like a jelly roll and. Smaller pieces into charm squares. I imagine that you will greatly enjoy the cutting (I know I would!) but I imagine you have a lot of well deserved pride in those uniforms, too. If you are military or public service, thank you for your hard work and dedication. .