Sugar Loaf — yes, please.

Have you all heard of, seen, or maybe even made a Sugar Loaf block or Sugar Loaf quilt?

I’m not sure I could think of two more lovely words to put together than “sugar” and “loaf.” It just makes me think of fudge and pillows and clouds and bread and good things inside while it’s cold outside. Am I right? Well, I came across a Sugar Loaf quilt in a book the other day and I’m still thinking about it. Here’s what the sugar loaf block and full quilts look like — thanks to and the rest of the Internet. Oh, and then there’s a picture of fudge. SUGAR. LOAF.

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10 thoughts on “Sugar Loaf — yes, please.

  1. I made this quilt block as a mini barn quilt for a project that my quilt guild offered in connection with our study of barn qilts. The name was well suited to the location of my grandfather’s farm in a valley my family referred to as “Sugar Loaf.”

  2. I used to live on Sugarloaf mountain in Calif. It was a flat top, because they took the top off to build I-80. There was a very large circle on top and the dirt in the circle was very fine and strange. We told anyone we took up there, that is was where the UFO’s landed. One night we were sitting outside and saw the strangest lights and noise. It disappeared when it went over us, like it raised up and couldn’t be seen it. When it passed, it appeared again. A UFO? who knows. Loved living there though.