Spooly Lives! (And so does the Quilty blog…)

A match made in heaven! (Please ignore my hair.)
A match made in heaven! (Please ignore my hair.)

Folks, I’ve been gone and it’s not okay. But there’s a reason.

Spooly and I are in love. We escaped to Mexico. We eloped. It was very romantic and very crazy of us, of course. But what could we do? Our love isn’t anything that our families would accept. And society! What will society think?? Posting this is terrifying, but we will not live in the shadows any longer! I love you, Spooly!

Okay. Enough of that nonsense.

The picture above is one I just took here at my desk. It’s Monday, January 6th, and the holiday party is officially over. Everyone is at their respective places with sunshiney faces, hopefully, and we’re all getting back into the swing of things. Personally, I like it. After awhile, the holiday malaise sets in and a person just wants to have a few emails to send. Yes, I just said that I wanted to send emails. I blame all the eggnog.

Perhaps one of the best moments of the entire holiday was when I got a package from Courtney Kraig, the Quilty art director. Somehow, inexplicably, she fabricated a Spooly. It’s a plushie Spooly for heaven’s sake!!! I cried when I opened it, I really did. I love it so much, Courtney! You’re amazing and so is this little toy, which is no sitting in a place of honor, just above my computer. Thank you.

Please ignore my hair in this picture. I can’t blame it on the eggnog, but I work from home so these things are acceptable. Sorry it took me a minute on the blog, y’all. We’ll be seeing more of you now. Spooly and I are settled into our love nest.


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9 thoughts on “Spooly Lives! (And so does the Quilty blog…)

  1. So . . . I’ve just learned that this blog exists, since I follow you on FB more than anything and follow the paper girl blog. How to keep up! You are MORE than welcome to send ME an email, it would probably make my whole year! 😉

  2. Mary,,I’m Sure we want a spooly to sit by us when we sew for good Yu-Yu, you need to make a quick pattern, and he needes to have his own blog or FB so we can all post pic’s of at home with spooly and also visiting our local quilt shops or at class, so on. it will be fun?

  3. Mary, I call working at home a “Jammie Job”. Cause, well, yeh, you can wear Jammie’s all day! And you don’t have to do your hair. But, I wouldn’t forsake the toothbrush, no, definitely not the toothbrush.

  4. Wonderful post, as already said nice to know having hair all skiwif in the mornings as I do is completely normal.
    May I just ask if you seal the relationship with Spooly would a group of offspring be called ‘bobbins’ 😉

    Off to watch another of your great videos, have a great day.

    Peg x

  5. When I was a kid, we had “spoolie” hair curlers. I don’t know if anyone else ever had them because I have never found another person who admitted to owning, much less using, them.

  6. Christine I just had to have those spoolies. I didn’t need them because my hair is naturally curley. I put them in and couldn’t hardly get them out. It was my hair. I loved them. When we were cleaning my mothers house I found one. It was pink.