“She Fell in Love with the Heavy Metal Quilter”

You guys, seriously.

I love this guy, I love that he’s quilting, I love that metal star Alice Cooper’s gorgeous mug is now immortalized in a bedcover.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. Abomination? Or just a fellow quilter with a vision?

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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16 thoughts on ““She Fell in Love with the Heavy Metal Quilter”

  1. I think it is brilliant, my husband would love to hang that up in his man cave!!!! I am currently making him something a bit similar. I picked out all these scary skull and barbwire fabrics, mixed them in with some red, grays and purples and I am turning them into a scrappy log cabin quilt for him. I found husbands are much more supportive of your quilting habit if they get something fabulous out of it as well 🙂

  2. I’m 65 years old and I love this quilt! I wish I was creative enough to do something this beautiful. I love the modern fabrics and quilts. I appreciate the traditional type quilts too, but if I learn to quilt I will be making modern ones.for the most part. I think this is great for men and boys.

  3. I am old too…and I envy the imagination and style of the artist. I believe this man is an artist with many years of interesting work ahead of him. I wish I had the years back to be more interpretive with fabric…I bet I could show Venom a thing or two…but alas…I am not, cannot and do not. I beg all of you to work your craft and don’t get in that “groove” that does not allow for experimentation….be open to everything…..your world will look so much better, especially in fabric! Don’t find yourself saying ….”If I had only done something with those DEAD tee shirts and the Garcia wall art…my daughter loved so much.”

  4. I agree with Hannah. I love traditional quilts that I can rest my eyes on. I want it to have purpose and nothing to scream at me from the dark of night.

  5. Enough of the “IM TOO OLD C—” For heaven sakes, its just a “learning curve” people. !!! GET AT IT,TAKE CLASSES, SHARE A MACHINE, HAVE FUN AND PRODUCE A CHARMER!!!
    great grandma Evamary

  6. Hey can you put the quilt you did up that looks like it has crosses. I saw it when you did a show with your mother. I think you had lost three blocks and at the end of the show you found them??? Please send any info about how to make one.
    Thanks a ton,

  7. Well, as my D.O.M. (Dear Old Mom) used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice about something, call it unique.” This is a beautifully crafted, *unique* quilt.

  8. Oh Honey……I did not say I am too old! I said I am old too …I believe what I meant was…..I wish I experimented with more exotic fabrics and designs….for years I was such a traditionalist and now I look back and say maybe I should have spread my wings more thats all…oh well, in my next life.