Rebecca’s “Strawberry Shortcake” Is Amazing.


The Quilt Family Mafia’s youngest member is hard at work on her first (yep, first official) baby quilt. Rebecca, my younger sister and producer of Quilty, is making a darling baby quilt with white and scrappy pink half-square-triangles (a.k.a. “HST’s”) and she’s calling it, “Strawberry Shortcake For Gwendolyn.”

Could you just DIE of the cuteness? And by the way…this quilt? So. Freaking. Easy. And. Fun.

But this photo is my favorite. She’s smiling behind this quilt. You can tell. Why is my sister smilng? Because there is no feeling in the world like doing patchwork. It’s very special.

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14 thoughts on “Rebecca’s “Strawberry Shortcake” Is Amazing.

  1. Great job Rebecca! I love it , you are doing such a great job. I love the colors and I can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 You should be really proud of yourself, there is a lot of matching seams and yours are great!

  2. What a clever idea for a baby qilt. Never would have thought about those pretty colors for a baby quilt. Congratulations on your achievments-First Quilt Beauty.

  3. Rebecca, Aren’t you just so proud! My first quilt was for my first and only grand baby. It started a passion in me that is never-ending. I have her a quilt every year. She will be 6 in October. She loves looking at my quilting magazines. She picked out “Little Blossoms” from the Easy Quilts magazine. I started it today and she will have it for her birthday. BTW, tell Mary that I picked up “Quilty”…LOVE IT, LOVE IT…JUST LOVE IT!!