Point + Shoot: Quilty Tapes This Week!

Sewing machines, midarm machines, guests, cast, crew...oh my!
Sewing machines, midarm machines, guests, cast, crew…oh my!

It’s almost time!

It’s almost time!

It’s almost time…for Thanksgiving.

But it’s also time for the next Quilty shoot! This is equally exciting to some people (me) even though there is zero turkey involved. There could be, I suppose, if we get turkey wraps or something for lunch.

Starting next week, we’re firing up the Babylock Melody sewing machine, the trusty machine that has been on the show from the start. We’re revving up our Babylock Tiara, too, featured for the first time last season and back by popular demand. We’ve got guests on their way — including several of the Quilty columnist ensemble, including Kelly Biscopink, Ebony Love, and Vanessa Vargas Wilson!! — and I’m making sure all the demos are good to go and I have clothes to wear.

We tape 26 episodes at a go; we do that twice a year. Every time we have a shoot, the preparation is…heavy. To say the least. Because when the cameras roll, it’s gotta go well. The good thing is that after 4+ years of making Quilty, there are mistakes we no longer make. Oh, we make mistakes. But they’re new ones, so that’s lots of fun.

I hope you’ll tune into Quilty in 2015. On QNNtv.com, you can collect ’em all. There’s clear, friendly quilting and patchwork instruction served up every week and we have such wonderful sponsors that help us show you all the good stuff, beautifully. I mean, sewing Moda fabric with a BabyLock machine threaded with Aurifil thread?


So I’ll see you on set. Well, not yet. But soon. And for the rest of your life. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Point + Shoot: Quilty Tapes This Week!

  1. I’m new to Quilty, and I’m having such a great and enjoyable time in my own home! I’m loving that each episode gives me insight to more quilt “stuff”, also brings a smile right to my own face, and gives me a boost to get quilting! Great job!