Our Friend, Our Tiara.

Quilty sound engineer Matt Hyland and producer Rebecca Fons, both magnetically attracted to the BabyLock Tiara.
Quilty sound engineer Matt Hyland and producer Rebecca Fons, both magnetically attracted to the BabyLock Tiara.


I’m working on planning the first half of Season 5 for Quilty. It’s takes a tremendous amount of brainpower to coordinate the show and the magazine — and believe me, I have made mistakes. But we’ve all done this Quilty “thing” long enough to know a little about how to do it. And as I set up episodes and plan quilts, I get very excited to be on set with the crew, including our newest addition: the BabyLock Tiara.

I have one. And Quilty the show has one. And it’s funny to watch guests and the crew go, “Woooah… What is that??” when she’s all unveiled and has all her doo-dads on and the TruStitch Regulator glowing nearby. (I have a little cloth doll that I stuck on the top of mine and I’ll make sure to put Spooly on top of the set’s machine this season; Rebecca, remind me!)

When I learned to make quilts, I learned piecing first. Quilting came later and that’s okay. Many of my quilts are finished by a longarmer, simply because I am usually working under publication/editorial deadlines and several quilts have to be done and turned in at once. But when I quilt at home, I use my Tiara. It’s a free-motion mid-arm machine, which means that you move the quilt under the stationary needle, as opposed to a long arm, which works by moving the needle around on the stationary quilt (nice if you can get one, but a longarm hardly fits in my apartment in Chicago, much less where I am in NYC right now.)

We haven’t gotten Matt Hyland, sound engineer, to make a quilt, yet, but I’m going to make sure he practices a bit more on the Tiara when we shoot in a couple months. It’s very, very fun to quilt on the machine; “addictive” doesn’t quite cover it. We’ll get him, yet!

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One thought on “Our Friend, Our Tiara.

  1. when you did you first youtube video with the Tiara you showed a square black hoop…I have been trying to locate one without success. Could you tell me where I might find one?