Oooh… Check it.

I was going through some pictures in my iPhoto library — I’m supposed to back that up, right? guh — and I found pictures of quilts from my trip to the Newark Museum. Wow. There were such incredible pieces there.

Just look at this:


Oh, man. The CROWN. The yellow flowers. Again, I’m swooning from the mastery of design and construction of the gals who came before we did. It’s not geeky to be stunned by great art, is it?

Going to sew for one hour. Then back to work — but this is too good to not jump into my own project, a king-sized quilt for a friend. What are you working on? And have you been to see the Newark collection of quilts? They may not be on display right now, but I think you can ask museums to set appointments with groups to view collections that aren’t in rotation. That would be a very, very cool girlfriend trip, no?

Happy Sewing, Y’all!


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3 thoughts on “Oooh… Check it.

  1. How fantastic are these old quilts. I have many WIPs now… Too much actually. But tomorrow afternoon I hope to get further on one that has been a WIP for a while! Zig zags for my brother. First I have to tackle a mistake I made earlier and than I can build some new blocks. Hope to get about 60% done!