Remember my “Diana Vreeland” quilt from many moons ago on this very blog? Well, that little number will be featured on an episode of LOQ within the next few months; we taped the episode in September and it was so great to see her up on the set. The girl looks good!

This was a process photo; top done but pre-longarming.

Well, forgettaboutit. Jean Nolte, Editor of Love of Quilting magazine and a good friend of mine, sent me a picture of a quilt she saw at the AQS show just a few days ago in Des Moines, IA. The quilt is similar but even more amazing in its triangle-ness because the half-square triangles finish at 1 inch!! Just one! One little inch! Holy cow.

And I thought I was obsessive.

Please, if you know the maker of this quilt, let me know! I can't read the card...

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Mary Fons hails from a prominent quilt mafia family. A professional writer and performer, Mary co-hosted the nationally-airing PBS program "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting" along with her mom, famed quilter and educator Marianne Fons. In 2010, Mary began hosting Quilty, an online show offered weekly on In 2012, Mary became editor of Quilty magazine. She holds a Theater Arts BA from the University of Iowa.

8 thoughts on “Nice!

  1. I went to the show website and then to the local guild website and their link to the 2011 show. If you look at the picture, you can see the registration number pretty well. This is from the list of winners 3rd: PL2333J Colleen Henrichs Square in a Square for a Square. Thanks for the detective work challenge – that was fun! I think I like your quilt better for its colors.

  2. The inch-sized half-square triangles give new meaning to the word “patience”!!! Love the look of the finished quilt and imagine running my hands over the texture formed from all those little squares!! An amazing labor of love!!

  3. My friend Lola sent me this blog after spotting my pink and yellow quilt. The pattern was from the book, Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts by Mary Kinch and Biz Storms. I had to make their quilt after seeing it in Chicago. Loved every minute of it.