New York State of Mind, Part I.

I secreted off to NYC this weekend to spend time with my sister and it was glorious. We danced, we ate, we shopped. I saw friends, I slept in, I even worked a little.

There are also several items to share with you, sweet Quilty reader. Let’s take a look at what we harvested from the weekend in Manhattan.

First up, I profess my love of Japanese-based clothing shop Uniqlo. I’m not an H&M fan — spending $4.99 on a shirt lost its appeal when I graduated from college  — but Uniqlo is a little different, I feel. The quality is better, the design is streamlined, and they make the most amazing undershirts. They also do collabo’s with top designers like Jil Sander (!) and their latest is with UK designer Orla Kiely, of whom I’m sure many of you are aware. Here’s one of the darling dresses available at Uniqlo right now:


I didn’t buy the dress. I actually have a waist, so getting rid of it with a drop-waist dress is like taking away one of my few actual superpowers. But I did buy a shirt. You’ll see it on Quilty, trust me.

Okay, so then I was in another shop in Soho called WESC; it’s another love of mine. Big sale. Huge. There was a gal behind the counter who was stitching something. I asked if I could see what she was working on and she agreed. The embroidery she was doing was for her upcoming thesis at FIT. (Remember when I lectured there with The Alliance for American Quilts? I do. That was awesome!) Anyway, the girl’s name was Jessica and here she is with the project that will ultimately help her get a dream job. Clearly, she’s going to be just fine.


There are more items to share, but I’ll post them a bit later. Coming up: patchwork shoes! Antique quilts for sale in windows in Midtown! Me drinking soul-fulfillingly good espresso!

Oh, okay. Fine. You can see that now. 😉


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3 thoughts on “New York State of Mind, Part I.

  1. sounds like you enjoyed the big apple!!! living relatively close by myself to NYC —I love to spend time there. Hope you got to see the city quilter (25th st bet 6th and 7th) it’s a really great ,young, and hip shop–with an attached gallery–offering displays of wonderful artists fabric/quilt creations. Keep it on your must see list. If you did go—what did you think of it? Must have been nice to see your sister. I really love the sense I get that you are so very close—warms the heart—-wish all families could share those bonds. stay well —-until next time happy sewing —–Renee

  2. I loved your lecture at The Alliance for American Quilts! It is fun to spend time in NYC, especially with sisters! Love visiting there and the different quilting/fabric shops.

    Wonderful to read your blog, I so can’t wait for Quilty’s mag in May! 🙂