My Very First Quilt!

Wanna see my very very first quilt?

I made this when I was, oh, six years old? It was made in my favorite colors, blue and pink. Funny, I made another blue and pink quilt many years later…

Help a rookie today! You never know where they’ll go in their quilt-making adventures.



Memories… Like the corner of my mind… Misty, cotton memories. 🙂

“Pink Waves” in process.

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9 thoughts on “My Very First Quilt!

  1. Wow, even as a 6 year old you had talent! Very nice quilts! I just signed up for the event in Shipshewana, Indiana in February, can’t wait to meet you and your mom!

  2. It’s always a good idea to lay blocks out before sewing a row. Unless you meant to have a pinwheel block in the quilt top. My DH used to see my OOPS, sometimes I have a problem seeing patterns, and then have to rip .

  3. You did very well. I’m still putting together quilts and trying to make them look perfect, but even after I’ve quilted them, I find mistakes. But mistakes are how we get better. I hand quilt by the way. It’s hard to take them out after you’ve hand quilted. But you are a very good quilt maker and I love the show. Keep on keeping on. Peggy White. Belen,New Mexico

  4. very cool.. i remember tying quilts with my grandmother .. she used to have her quilts spread out on these old wooden horses and when we went up north during thanksgiving we would all worked on the quilts while the guys went hunting deer..but then i stopped quilting wish i hadnt.. cause i love it.. you do it so easily and simply thanks for all the helpfulf hints to us newbies..