My Quilt of Valor!

I’m working on a quilt for the Quilt of Valor Foundation. This quilt will go to a wounded serviceperson when it’s done.

My mom does a lot of work for the QOVF and it’s pretty incredible stuff. The Under Our Wings program is really starting to kick into gear in a lot of quilt shops around the country, which is fantastic.

For my Quilt of Valor, I’ve chosen to blend beige into the usual red, white, and blue. It gives it another dimension, I think. And the red, white, and blues that I’ve chosen are specific, too. Well, the white is pretty much white. But the red is this awesome fabric I found at the Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. They carry a lot of African prints and this one jumped out at me. It’s got this gold embossing on it and when I “auditioned it” for this quilt, I just loved it. The gold on red makes me think of a medal — appropriate especially in the shape of the cross in the block.

The lighter blue came from the scrap bins of my mother — thanks, Mom. When I choose colors, fabrics, even patterns for my quilts, my mom doesn’t always immediately go, “Oh, I love it!” Sometimes she can hardly conceal her thought process. I can see it working on her face. She’s thinking, “Okay, I love that Mary is starting a new quilt. I trust her. She’s got an eye, she’s got style, she’s got her own thing. But I would never make a quilt like this one.”

At first, I don’t think Mom was into my Quilt of Valor, but as it’s shaping up, she’s totally into it. When I told her the cross pattern (found in this book, BTW) reminded me of a medieval warrior’s shield or under armor, that the colors reminded me of kings or royalty, I think she liked it even more.




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7 thoughts on “My Quilt of Valor!

  1. I am also making my first QOV. I am making the one your mother made in the Fons and Porter magazine , and on the show with you. It will be for my soon to be husband. He served 20 years in the Air Force. So he deserved it.

  2. Thank you for supporting QOVF!!! I have done quite a few QOVF’s and am a mom of 3 sons currently serving. A really wonderful organization. Thank you to you & your mom.

  3. My husband is also retired military but I am having a hard time choosing a quilt for him. He spent 20 years in the Air Force, and he is on his 23 year as a city police officer. He is proud of his Air Force service, but he has loved his service as a police officer. Any ideas on combining the two? Maybe the front for the Air Force and the back for police work? Maybe I am over thinking the problem and I should just make him 2 quilts!!!!