My Little Churn Dash…And “Emeralds!”

High up on the ferry boat, in the bitter cold… My little Churn Dash is quilted, bound, and complete! And my mittens and earmuffs totally match!


Ain’t she a beaut? And you all were so very helpful and thought-provoking when I asked you how to finish “Emeralds” a few months ago. Well, I actually eschewed all reason and sense and went in a totally different direction, using this incredible Moda fabric from the Bella solids line. It’s amazing. It’s this parchment-like look with the softest texture ever. I can’t wait to send this off to the longarmer and then, well… I plan to keep it. I give a lot of my quilts away, but this puppy I gotta keep.


And here’s a couple process shots. Mom and I sewed all weekend. It was glorious.



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10 thoughts on “My Little Churn Dash…And “Emeralds!”

  1. Love this creation—I wouldn’t give it away either!!!! great job—you should feel proud of your accomplishment. Fabulous colors too!!! Just spoke to carla at qnntv—told her I thought you were wonderful and adorable —she agreed!!! keep up the great job you’re doing —-we love ya!!!

  2. I have been looking forward to seeing the finished quilt top. Very nice job! Love the choice of of neutral fabric for the setting triangles. The greens really pop!

  3. Great quilt, greens are a green family. My husband is Irish and so are my kids, grandkids, & great grands. Hope I can do something for them all Maybe I can make some quilts to help kids and grownups.

  4. Love both your creations Mary. In your Churn Dash Quilt, did you use your stash (I would love to see your collection of fabrics) or are these from a line of fabrics. The added sparkle of color is intriguing.

  5. This is beautiful. I have to say I am very jealous. Please enjoy the time you spend quilting with your mother. I lost mine 2 yrs ago and never made a quilt with her. love the show keep it up!!!!

  6. The churn dash was my Granny Ida’s all time favorite pattern to work with and it quickly became mine! If you ever need someone to care for your quilt, you can send it to me. ha! 🙂

    Love it!