Me + Ellis + BabyLock + Love of Quilting = GREAT

Look at them sweet smiles!
Look at them sweet smiles!

We look like we’re getting engaged or something!

That’s me (Mary) and the lovely and talented Amy Ellis on the set of Love of Quilting, having just taped a fabulous, info-packed, energetic episode on Amy’s gorgeous star quilt.

Amy sewed at the Babylock, I helped cut pieces, we did improv piecing, set-in seams, AND found time for just a touch of “Hey, we’re friends sewing together!” patter. All in all, a great show. Amy and I are both Babylock spokespeople, so off camera, we chatted about our machines and the new, totally incredible Destiny machine that is coming out soon.

You know why I like Amy Ellis? Well, aside from the fact she gives me a great home-quilting article to run in each issue of Quilty? I asked Amy to be a guest on Quilty when we shoot in November…and she said no. That’s right: she turned me down. The reason? She’s been traveling a ton and wants to be home with her kids.

Amy, you rock.

Thank you for saying no. Being on Quilty would be really great, and I know you want to do it because you told me you did. But I think it’s really awesome that family comes first, that you know your boundaries, that you actually stick to them, and that you have faith that you’ll probably be able to be on Quilty another time.

Here’s to you, Amy! Now go make some rice krispie treats with those kiddos.

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2 thoughts on “Me + Ellis + BabyLock + Love of Quilting = GREAT

  1. Amy, I am glad to a professional who keeps her family first. Especially around the holidays. I know someone who travelled so much that the spouse “found” someone else. Thanks for sharing your talent.