Masters 2 — The Coolness of Art Quilts

I recently purchased a copy of the very beautiful, very heavy! second collection of art quilts selected by the Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA) for publication. The book is called “Masters Art Quilts Vol. 2” and I have to tell you…it’s gorgeous.

I have not always felt drawn to the art quilt, but I refuse to close my mind. I keep it open because I value curiosity and inquiry and, when you get right down to it, what the heck do I know? I might fall in love with an art quilt every day, but that can’t happen if I don’t consider them at all. When I flipped through the pages of the sample copy of Masters 2, I was transfixed. These were amazing quilts.

As I’ve been writing and researching for some Quilty articles in upcoming issues, I’ve been turning over and over in my mind the “what is a quilt?” question. Whether or not you think art quilts are “real” quilts, if “modern” quilts are “real” quilts or if the only “real” quilt is one that gramma made entirely by hand in 1902 — oh, for heaven’s sake! — you’d be blind to not see the craft and beauty of the pieces in this book.

So take a moment, if you find yourself able, to look through this one. Venerable art quiltmakers can teach us a lot about color, style, balance, and (most certainly) passion.

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One thought on “Masters 2 — The Coolness of Art Quilts

  1. I love art quilts but am always overwhelmed by how to created them. I have a great idea! Do a series of Quilty shows teaching us the how of art quilting. You would be learning right along with us and completing a art quilt. What do you say????