Marianne Fons, J.Crew, and patchwork everywhere!

Yesterday, my mom and I were in a J.Crew in Chicago. We were there because my younger sister (and Mom’s youngest daughter and Quilty producer) Rebecca Fons was looking at…wedding dresses! She did find a dress yesterday, but not at “the Crew.” The trip was hardly a waste. I mean, look at this:

Mom and that shoe!
Mom and that shoe!

Those are quarter-square triangles!

I love it when patchwork motifs show up in the outside world. These shoes are too expensive at $300, so I think waiting for a sale is the way to go. But Mom made me try them on — seriously, she made me — and then she needed to take a picture.

So chic, so patchworky.
So chic, so patchworky.


Nice one, J.Crew.

Maybe if I get married someday…

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6 thoughts on “Marianne Fons, J.Crew, and patchwork everywhere!

  1. What a fun time with the fam! Adorable shoes- hopefully you don’t have a popular shoe size and can snag them for a bargain- they are ADORABLE.

  2. Strikes me that one could get glue, matching material of a new suit with some small triangles to make something similar with an old pair of shoes giving them a new lease of life!! And be up with the latest fashion.

  3. Trying to teach myself to quilt. Starting with 9 patchwork pot holder. Watched your video on how to use rotary blade. What other videos should I look at? Need to know about how to gauge 1/4 inch seam and not really understanding which way to press seams. Hoping you can help. Also want to know websites to find fabric. Thanks, Debby