Log Cabin Lady.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to post more from Market, but there was exactly NO TIME to do it! It’s just insane, is what it is. We had a great time, worked till we dropped, and enjoyed seeing so many great people.

And lemme tell ya… Quilty is L’il Miss Popular. That’s all I’ll say. 🙂

While I go through all the business cards, sales sheets, swatches, freebies, and all my notes, here’s a picture to entertain/delight: I was walking in Chicago the day before I left and saw this lady wearing a snazzy Log Cabin coat vest thingy! I snapped her picture but didn’t think to stop her and ask her if she made the garment. Neat though. Good job, Log Cabin Lady!

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6 thoughts on “Log Cabin Lady.

  1. She’s a walking quilt! No more hanging them on the wall so people can’t see them, where them. Hey Mary have you heard about the sewing summit? I really think you and your mom should come next year and teach. It would be so much fun!!

  2. Lisa, don’t make that seem so difficult! Put your logcabin squares together and use a pattern that you like and that fits you well and cut a muslin or flannel pattern to sew the logcabins to! It works well and fits well, and you use the muslin or flannel for your batting! Washes beautifully too! Happy sewing! Logcabins are fun!!!!!!!!!!