It’s “Sew Worth It” in Florida!

Are you in Florida? Do you feel like going there? Like this coming weekend?

You probably should consider it strongly for the following reasons:

1. Florida is mysterious and full of alligators and fog.
2. Florida is warm.
3. There’s a 9 out of 10 chance you have relatives there. Everyone has at least one relative in Florida.
4. I’m speaking at a big Sew Worth It! retreat on Saturday in Sarasota!
5. Really, really good seafood.

Fore more information on #4, check out the Sew Worth It website and this particular page. I’m going to enjoy the day — it’s been a crazy mad dash to get about 600 things done lately. (At this point, I might actually consider a fight with an alligator a bit of a vacation, for reals.)

I hope everyone is enjoying December as it rolls along toward the holiday. All I want for Christmas is a longarm. I’ve hardly admitted it to myself, yet, but it’s true. I’m officially interested in a mid-arm, at the very least.

This could be dangerous.

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2 thoughts on “It’s “Sew Worth It” in Florida!

  1. Hey thats really cool!!!! it just happens that i am going to go vistit my grandmother this weekend and she lives in sarasota. It must be fate that I should come and here you speak! Really excited! Hope my parents will let me go!

  2. This was a great time! I think like we only use a small percentage of our brain, we only use a small percentage of our machines. Thanks to all the instructors, we learned quit a bit! I had one of the winning tickets to sit with Mary Fons at lunch and she is brilliant! She shared her hectic schedule and how she got to grow up with fabric, machines and a mother who has vast knowledge. We have something in common she also shared, she has ulcerative colitis/ Chrons disease. I understand completely the struggles that come with these diseases. I’m so proud of her to push through and be able to put together such a great web show, magazine and guest speaking! Thanks again for a great retreat Sew Worht It!