I Left My Money In San Francisco. XOXO, Britex!

Guess where I was?

San Francisco. For just two days. And it was really, really awesome, fabric adventure-wise. Food-wise, too. Man, did I eat some good food. Hill-wise, it was also great. Lots of good food, lots of hills, and the best part of all, a trip to Britex Fabrics.

If you can — as soon as you can — visit the fine folks at Britex, right downtown in San Fran. They’re across from freaking Neiman Marcus! How crazy/cool is that? Now, Britex primarily serves garment sewers and home dec folks, etc. They don’t have an enormous selection of quilting cotton — it’s not Amish country, which is where quilters go when they die if they’ve been good — but the six floors of stunning fabric at Britex are inspiring, beautiful, and fascinating, whether they go into a quilt, a garment, or some nice curtains.

Thank you to Britex and their hospitality. I’ll be back soon, no doubt about that.

Oh… This is good.

Melody was so helpful and lovely!

And look at her crazy quilt! Truly incredible workmanship, Melody. Nice one.

I’ll be back, Britex. xoxo!

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11 thoughts on “I Left My Money In San Francisco. XOXO, Britex!

  1. Hey Mary! I’m just beginning my first quilt because of you and your wonderful tutorials at Quilty. As an illustrator I think quilting is a very good way to extend the possibilities of working with patterns and designs. Thank you for your amazing enthousiasm and easy to follow instructions! Xoxo

  2. I used to live about an hour away from San Fran and never ever visited Britex…..how crazy am I? With your review, I really want to visit more than ever.

  3. I have been shoping Britex for 20 years. Best formal fabric around. I take girls there all the time when I makecformals for them. Try Fabrics r us in San Jose.

  4. Hi there.
    I just wanted to say I have fallen in lub with Quilty, cannot wait to see another episode of Quilty or stalk the bookstore racks for the newest magazine.
    I hate to see I missed the give-aways-as I would love to see what goodies the Queen Mary adores and such.
    Thank you for all the hard work, it is appreciated (daily) around these parts.
    Mischa from Cincinnati

  5. I live in Alaska and took my daughter to Britex when she was eight. One of the sales ladies took her under her wing and made sure she got the most beautiful printed,silk chiffon remnant. My daughter had told her she wanted to buy something special with her $5.00 she had saved. It was a pivotal moment in my daughters life and mine. I was star struck when I walked in their store and long to go back and take in all the beauty and of course get a few pieces of fabric.

  6. I am happy to say I work a few blocks away, and whenever I need to get my fabric/notions fix – 7 minutes later I am there. It’s true, not a quilt-specific store, but I picked up the perfect Gingher snip tool for my over-ambitious queen size flannel rag quilt that saved me! To me, the store is great. So glad you got to experience it! P.S. Love love love your magazine and the videos I’ve seen. Do you have the absolute best job in the world, or what? Thanks for all of it.

  7. Hi There!
    I just started quilting about a month ago and now I am hooked. I live in San Francisco and Britex is my favorite fabric store around. I just came across your blog today and its so great.