I Heart Chicago — and maybe a Chicago quilt…

When the flurry of activity that I’m currently directing has calmed down, my number one priority is to quilt. I always manage to get to the sewing machine however busy I am, but you heard it here first: Starting in May, you’ll be seeing some tremendous production coming out of my sewing room. It’s time to get real busy.

You know that feeling, right? That you’re on the verge of serious creativity? Yeah, me too.

One of the quilts on my list to start sketching out is a Chicago quilt. When I searched online for any quilts that had anything to do with my adopted hometown, I came up with not very much. Sure, there’s a Windy City block, and the World’s Fair that was here in 1893-ish was the inspiration for a number of designs and beautiful quilts. But there isn’t anything I could find online so far that was definitively Chicago.

So I got to thinking… The Chicago flag is pretty gorgeous. Wouldn’t this be a gorgeous quilt? I’m not into gimmicks and I’m not into logos or sports teams or any of that, but there’s something about this flag of the city that is just saying to me, “I should probably be worked out in patchwork and put on your bed.”

Thoughts? Images of the Chicago flag are right here.

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12 thoughts on “I Heart Chicago — and maybe a Chicago quilt…

  1. Wow, I honestly didn’t know Chicago had it’s own flag. I can definitely see a quilt with a block like that flag. It would be great. Do let us see it when you get it finished.

  2. Chicago flag? News to me, too!
    I like the t-shirt variation where the blue band is changed into the city skyline. It has a little more ‘kick’ than the flag bands of blue.

  3. Too funny ’cause I’m with the others….I have never heard of Chicago having its own flag. I’ve lived in IL all my life and was actually born in Chicago but live about 90 miles from there. Never ever heard about a flag. The biggest thing that I thought of immediately that says Chicago isn’t probably very easy to do in a quilt design since it’s the Deep Dish Pizza. LOL

    The pics you showed of this Chicago flag I’m sure would be very pretty made into a quilt but I doubt you’d be able to show it to too many in Chicago and ask them the question of how it relates to their city. I bet not many, if any, would get the right answer.

  4. Being from and living in Chicago the flag doesn’t really mean much to us Chicagoans. The skyline, the bean, the fountain, our architecture is what we are proud of. The mayor and police officials might like the flag. Just a thought!

  5. Chicago has an amazing skyline. When you say “Chicago Quilt” I picture one of two things, a patchwork rendition of the skyline OR a quilt that captures Chicago’s history: Great Chicago Fire, Al Capone, stockyards, navy pier, Jane Addams and Hull House, the Chicago River, Jazz, wrigley field, Picasso in the Daley Plaza, the Bean at Millenium Park, the “El”, etc.

  6. If a one time visitor to Chicago from far away Colorado is allowed an opinion, I would say you can’t miss with the skyline, it is incredible! Maybe the flag blocks with the skyline appliqued in the middle, or bottom, what ever speaks to you!

  7. Hi! Does anyone have a pattern for a quilt block of a Chicago flag? My grandmother visited recently and loves quilting. I was hoping to get her a quilt block of the flag as a gift!