Hot off the longarmer!

Is there anything — anything! — better than getting pictures from your longarmer of the quilt she’s just finished quilting for you?

Well, finishing the binding is pretty good. That’s up there. But I love this moment and need to share.

Remember the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt I worked on late this summer? Well, it’s hot off the longarmer. As I’ve said before, I love my Chicago-area longarm superstar Ebony Love at LoveBug Studios, but from time to time it makes sense to send a project to my Iowa longarmer for various, business-related reasons. Ms. LuAnn Downs, I salute you!

Working with a longarmer is great, but you need to communicate clearly what you want and give the longarmer plenty of time and backing fabric. There’s a great article here if you want to know more about all that. At first, LuAnn suggested a Celtic design, but I just wasn’t into it, so we worked a little more and now I’m super, super happy.

Enjoy the preview — I’ll be binding it over the holiday and turning the binding with a glass of prosecco to my side, maybe a holiday movie on the TV back home in Iowa. God, I love the holidays when there’s a plan like that on the horizon…

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6 thoughts on “Hot off the longarmer!

  1. I absolutley love the quilting on this quilt. I am always so focused on how fancy I can make my machine quilting – The beauty in the simplicity of the quilting is fabulous!

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