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Well, well, well.

I’m home in Chicago after three long and glorious days at Fall Market in Houston. First of all, Texas isn’t “like a whole other country.” It is a whole other country. It feels like it, anyway. Every time I’m in Texas, whether I’m in Houston, Dallas, even Austin, I feel like there’s this second America. The people walk and talk differently. Texas has its own infrastructure, its own climate. It’s endless, and the hair is bigger. I actually really like it there, but it’s weird to know they tried to secede because it really could happen, I think.

Anyway, Market was pretty amazing. I met so many wonderful quilters, quilt shop owners, industry folk, designers, and saw plenty of friends. Over the years I’ve met so many amazing industry people and it’s really cool to see them all in one place. And I need to say this: I think you’ll be hearing about a kinda-sorta big project from me real soon. Here’s a clue: The “Quilty” blog is a small part of the bigger picture. That’s all I can say. I really, really want to say more but I refuse to count my chickens before they’ve been slathered in Texas BBQ sauce. You know?

I’m home and it feels so good. Market may be fun, but you really have to be “on” the whole time. The smiles are 100% genuine and the chit-chat is sincere, but it’s pretty tiring to do that for three days straight while walking around an absolutely enormous convention center. My husband cleaned the bathroom and bought me a new dish rack and these two simple gestures made me fall in love with him all over again. Seriously, that’s all it takes.

And what was in my inbox when I got home? Pictures from my longarmer! She’s got two quilts of mine and the first one is done! Second one is almost done! Yaaaaay! Binding, here I come!


Soo awesome. LuAnn Downs, ladies and gentlemen!




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