Home From Market

What a night! What a life! What a SHOW!

Quilty would like to thank the incredible vendors, exhibitors, fans, shop owners, new quilters, seasoned quilters, business owners, troublemakers, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, kids, buyers, reps, publishers, assistants, bloggers, tweeters, customer service staffers, presidents, designers, beginners, on-camera personalities, risk-takers, exhibition hall workers, janitors, forward-thinkers, ad sellers, sponsors, veterans, head honchos, underwriters, caterers, film crews, artists, media folks, bartenders, and QUILT LOVERS…

…for making Spring Quilt Market 2012 totes amaze. That was awesome.

Me and Ebony Love, geekin’ out.

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Mary Fons

About Mary Fons

Mary Fons hails from a prominent quilt mafia family. A professional writer and performer, Mary co-hosted the nationally-airing PBS program "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting" along with her mom, famed quilter and educator Marianne Fons. In 2010, Mary began hosting Quilty, an online show offered weekly on QNNtv.com. In 2012, Mary became editor of Quilty magazine. She holds a Theater Arts BA from the University of Iowa.

8 thoughts on “Home From Market

  1. How fun Ebony….looks like you had a fantastic time and great success. I was telling my husband about you and how amazing you are and how you are busting into the quilt world…and I say “Good for you”

  2. Hey Mary – just picked up my copy of Quilty magazine from Chapters Indigo in Ontario, I am sneeking peeks under my desk, can’t wait to get home and read it. It looks great.

  3. Thanks to everyone, everyone. You know, I actually sat down and read it again and I enjoyed it, too! It’s hard to have perspective on something you work so hard/long at, but I tried to distance. I saw stuff to make better for next issue and a lot of things that just looked…good! Thanks to all for the positive feedback and please, let us know if there’s stuff you want to see, stuff you want more/less of, etc. 🙂

  4. I’ve decided to make Blonde Redhead and Irish Chain quilts. I love using a lot of solids and these patterns will show them off nicely. I love the first issue. I’ve seen it on sale a few different places. I bought mine the day it launched. Thank you!

  5. Mary, the magazine is SLAMMIN !! I have read it several times. I will not loan it out. I told all my quilting friends to run, not walk to get this treasure. Thank You !

  6. I picked up the first issue of Quilty and LOVE it! I’m not a very experienced quilter, but enjoy learning. Your magazine had some great tips and I’m hoping to get started sewing and using some of these to make my quilts better!

  7. I love the magazine! I am going to save scraps for the Pink Waves quilt. The patterns featured are all very nice, I love the mix of traditional and modern…and I especially enjoyed the nice touch of the poem on page 61.