Holy Fan Block!

You know what is so amazing and fabulous?

This quilt block.

Made by Ms. Deborah Walczak-Marshall, it was inspired by our show and THAT kind of awesomeness cannot be measured. Sure, Quilty is a good time program with an incredible team, good snacks on set, a little song and dance and a STUNNING, BRILLIANT HOST (I kid, I kid), but without actually inspiring people like YOU to make patchwork and quilts and do stuff, what good is it?

We’re just keepin’ it real for you, people. Make that patchwork. Do it!

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Mary Fons

About Mary Fons

Mary Fons hails from a prominent quilt mafia family. A professional writer and performer, Mary co-hosted the nationally-airing PBS program "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting" along with her mom, famed quilter and educator Marianne Fons. In 2010, Mary began hosting Quilty, an online show offered weekly on QNNtv.com. In 2012, Mary became editor of Quilty magazine. She holds a Theater Arts BA from the University of Iowa.

6 thoughts on “Holy Fan Block!

  1. I am making a Grandmother’s Fan quilt. How in the heck do you efficiently cut out the pieces of the fan block that goes over the top of the blade pieces to fill in the square? I am making Swiss cheese out of my fabric, and having to turn and move the fabric every time I cut a piece, and I feel like I am wasting so much fabric!

  2. This was one of the most beautiful patterns I have seen. The colors are just stunning together. I would like to learn quilting. I would certainly like at some point to learn to make this one. Thanks for this very interesting and informative information by Mary Fons.

  3. I too love this pattern. On her visits to visit us in Florida (Land-O-Grandparents), my granddaughter Stella started making blocks for her own Dresden Plate quilt. This was the six year olds’ (yes 6!) first sewing on my Babylock Ellisimo sewing machine. She has completed 6 blocks and she loves to cut and sew! She is now 7 and I am happy to help this new fabric artist to begin a lifetime of our addictive hobby. Now she just needs her own machine to use when she is home in Georgia.

  4. This is beautiful. Where do I find the pattern and directions for it? Also I really enjoy watching Quilty.
    Thanks for helping us learn new stuff and improve on
    what we already know.