Dear Abbie

Hi, Abbie:

This blog post is a surprise. Surprise!

Folks, Abbie H. is a friend of mine who I met when she took a class I was teaching. It wasn’t a quilting class, but a performance class that I co-taught here in Chicago a few years ago. Abbie was just becoming interested in quiltmaking and we talked about the project she had started long ago, a quilt about her favorite video game character.

She finished that quilt and we featured it in the second issue ever of Quilty magazine and on the show, too (Episode #149). From there, Abbie’s been on a roll. Here’s her latest and greatest:

I’m so proud of her and so not surprised. Abbie’s been wooed by the power of quiltmaking like every one of us reading this. Creative souls, compassionate people — we’re quilters.

Abbie, I’m over the moon that you’re making quilts, growing in your design skills and color aesthetic; I’m so happy that you’re trying new things, learning new skills, continuing to say, “Hey, can you show me this?” and “Hey, I want to know how to do this better.” I hope that I never stop growing in my own skills, either, and I hope I never stop saying, “I wanna do this better. Can you help me?”

Maybe quilting is like being a doctor. Doctor’s don’t “do medicine.” They “practice medicine.” Maybe none of us just “quilt.” Maybe we all “practice quilting.”



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11 thoughts on “Dear Abbie

  1. I definitely have a lot of practicing to do! So far I excel in the buying of the fabrics, just, haven’t done the assembly yet… Well, ok I decided to sharpen my skills on some baby receiving blankets and burp cloths before I go for the first “real” quilt.

  2. Love your vids and your passion for quilting! Thanks for sharing your life… glad I finally found your blog! I knew you had to have one cuz you are cool like that! lol Kathi

  3. Oh My, I do love your quilt, the colors, the design, the quilting. The Quilting is so uncomplicated, yet very effective. It brings out and add to the design perfectly. Keep it up.