Everything old is new again—-with a little updating!

Have you noticed how some blocks are just plain timeless? They were designed way before we were quilting, and in some cases, before our grandmothers were quilting!

Those blocks have been used through the years in all kinds of fabrics and now, even in art quilts with wonderful embellishments layering over them. Just how modern that woman would have been in her time to design something so timeless.   Did she wait anxiously for that shipment to come to her general store on a wagon, so she could sew with the latest designs?  Did she use feedsacks? Did she make her family eat leftovers so she had more time to sew? Did she hide her stash so her husband didn’t know how much fabric she really had? Oh wait- that’s me!!

Just think- maybe that quilt you are working on will be remembered the same, years from now.

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