Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we would like to introduce you to Lucy!

She lives with, and is pampered by our Managing Editor, Deb Finan.  She is shown here modeling Deb’s latest quilt that will appear in our next issue of Scrap Quilts coming out 5/29.

I ask you—who needs Glamour Shots?

Deb says: She always wants to help me cut fabric, and she loves to swish her tail back and forth to mess up my pieces.

While I’m knitting, and after she chews on my needles and tangles the yarn, she naps on the Courthouse Steps quilt beside me.

Deb also has 2 grown daughters whom she equally pampers and loves to shop for!

We hope you get to cuddle up with your favorite Valentine today!

Diane T, Assistant Editor





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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. My cat used to lay right behine the machine, paws literally around the needle. Needle screw would bounce on her paw and she never moved. Miss yer after 12 years of that. She owned the sewing chair as well, but would sometimes let me sit on the front corner for a minute or two. then she would move up to the sewing table.

  2. I also had a big old kitty that loved to watch the needle of my sewing machine. I, too, miss him after 13 years of loyal compaionship. Now, I have 2 cats that just love to see what I am doing—-all the time— and try out any new quilt I put together.