Happy National Quilting Month!



Each week, during the month of March, Fons & Porter will be giving away a Hoffman California Fabrics Spearmint Bali Handprints fat-quarter bundle. You will have 5 chances to win!

Please enter by filling out the comment section below. Let us know what you will make with your new Hoffman California Fabrics fat-quarter bundle.

A different winner will be chosen at random every Thursday in March. Winners will be notified via email. If you do not respond within 48 hours, your prize will be awarded to a different participant.

This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Week 5 Winner: Congratulations to Karyl McClellan! Karyl explained, “These colors remind me of the Oregon Coast…where the Coastal Range meets the Pacific Ocean…my husband’s favorite place on earth…(and sadly we are now on the other side of the country due to work). I would make a mountain/seascape quilt for him so he could feel the peace of the Coast in his heart as he looks at it. He would love it.”

Week 4 Winner: Congratulations to Pat T. who is our week 4 winner! Pat says, “Beautiful colors, so many patterns would be perfect with the fabric. I can see a calming quilt on the master bed using these fabrics.”

Week 3 Winner: Congratulations to Donna who is our week 3 winner! Donna said, “Looks like great colors for a landscape quilt – forest, mountains, sky & water!”

Week 2 Winner: Congratulations to Debi B. who is our week 2 winner! Debi will use these fabrics in her daughters wedding quilt.

Week 1 Winner: Congratulations to Carol J. who is our lucky week 1 winner! Carol will make a table runner with the great colors.

Please continue to enter our contest a new winner will be chosen March 22nd.

Good Luck!

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3,800 thoughts on “Happy National Quilting Month!

      1. You can Google it in their images or go on pinterest and type swoon quilt in search box. There are so many variations that I can’t wait to get stared on one.

  1. If I win, I will use those fabrics to make a quilt for my brother-in-law; they go perfectly with his request!! Thank you for the opportunity to win fabric!!! Can’t have enough!!

  2. I love the colors of that line! I would make a postcard quilt from Kaffe Fassett’s book Quilt Road. I think the colors would be great in all the borders and the center block of that quilt.

  3. I would make a pattern called Nova. I saw it done with Batiks and it was VERY nice. So I have been sorta kicking around the idea of what to use. This collection would be fabulous.

  4. If I am blessed to win a bundle, I wouldmake a nap quilt for my husband. He’s having major spinal surgery on the 9th and this will keep me busy while going through the hospital stay and recovery, Thanks

  5. I’m a new quilter, so I am always looking for new fabrics and patterns to try! Maybe get some practice with a fun quilted table runner or placemats.

  6. I would love to win a fat quarter bundle. I would make a quilt/coverlet for my daughter who does SO much for me! She lets me live in her house, she works and goes to college, she sacrifices her time to help others, teaches K- Second grade, and will be a fantastice nurse.

  7. I love Hoffman fabrics, I think I want to try and make a bento box quilt. It has been on my to do list for awhile now and the colors I think would make a nice quilt.

  8. Fons & Porter quilting is the only quilt magazine I subscribe too anymore. Being on a budget with Social Security limits our spending. I would love to win the prize and make something to share with my family and quilt guild friends. Bless you all for sharing of your talents and time!! <

  9. What lovely fabrics! If I were the winner, I would use the fabrics for a quilt I promised to make for a charity auction. Thanks “sew much” for this chance to win!

  10. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would use them as part of the material that our church uses to make quilts for the gradutes of our church to take with them to college to remind them of the love that our church sends with each one of them.

  11. I have several projects on the back burner. It would depend on color and design which one I would continue with. The quilt might be a charity quilt or one that would be auctioned at a church event or a gift OR I might do something unusual and keep it for myself.

  12. Oh, I would probably make a bag of some sort, but then again a quilt top would be nice. there are so many possibilities. the colors would tell me what to make

    1. I would love to make a quilt for myself. Having arthritis problems in my neck – every vertebrae is surrounded by arthritis, have to go through physical therapy and use a electric current device around my neck. I also am waiting for a neck traction device. Doctor says I have to keep my neck warm! I would use it to keep warm! Thank you very much. I hope that I win!

  13. WOW such a beautiful bundle. Im working on ideas for raising money for a local pomeranian rescue I foster for and think maybe a quilt to raffle or selk would be a good idea for raising funds. So, I will probably make a quilt for that purpose.

  14. I love the colors. Im a blues and green person. I would use this set as part of a quilt. Probably in some type of block pattern that put the quarters in a light to dark order.

  15. I would make a quilt for my granddaughter, as I’am making quilts for all three of them. I already made one for one granddaughter and am working on one for my grandson right now. thanks

  16. I think I would make a lap quilt for my Granny who turned 91 last month. I have quilts that her & her mother made for me when I was much younger. I LOVE MY GANNY & GRANDMA! Nothing is better on a bad day than curling up in one of their quilts & feeling the LOVE in every stitch & every scrap of material! It is like being wrapped in a big HUG of LOVE.

  17. Oh — I am such a green gal and those colors would make a great Indigo Star quilt that you featured in the F&P magazine last year. I have the magazine, the tool, and thinking about fabrics now.

  18. If I were to win this gorgeous prize, I would make a rail fence and alternate the rails with an applique in every 3rd block. It would make a terrific Spring project.

  19. I have two sons that I am wanting to make quilts for. This would be a nice start to one of those quilts. Love Hoffman fabrics and the beautiful way they sew up and hold up.

  20. I can see those colors now.. What a stunning quilt I could finally make for myself to bring the color back into my bedroom. Since they are fat quarters, I am pretty sure there would be enough to make simple matching shams to go with it. What a great prize to be able to call mine…

  21. Blue is my very favorite color and these shades are beautiful.
    I would make a bed size quilt.
    I need to make 11 more bed size quilts so each family member has one.
    I have already made 8 quilts and given them away.
    I sure hope I am picked.

  22. If I’m lucky enough to win then I will be making a “yellow brick road” quilt and donate to the relay for life in Clearwater, FL to be raffled and proceeds go to American Cancer.

  23. I would like to make a Disappearing nine patch quilt. These colors are beautiful and will remind me of the ocean when I get back home to Ohio.

  24. I will make something for my momma. She was such a huge help as I went threw chemo last year, and this would make a lovely something something for her.

  25. The fabrics are gorgeous! If I win, I plan to make a wall hanging for my mom’s nursing home. The colors would be perfect in their dining room 🙂

  26. I would like to try to make a wedding ring quilt with those amazing colors! I’m teaching myself how to sew and that’s my next goal is a wedding ring quilt for my wedding gift for my fiance!

  27. I love the color in the picture.
    I would use the fabric to make a quilt for my new Grand-daughter who is due to arrive in late April. I think she will love that color. Her sister is a pink girl, so she should have a different color!

  28. I just finished my first batik quilt and love working with that fabric. I am into making purses and totes and the Hoffman batiks would make some beautiful ones.

  29. I have lots of fat quarter quilts Ive been wanting to make – with a range of blues – it will be fun to make a quilt that ranges from upper left corner tolower right coner in depth of color. Cant wait to win!

  30. My daughter loves those colors (and we both love working with batiks). I would make her a Happy Anniversary quilt. She might not get it this year, mind you, but next year for sure!

  31. I would love to win this bundle! I think I would make a lovely quilt full of stars made from these beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

  32. I love the colors. I think I would add these to my other handpaints and batiks and finally start a quilt for myself. I’ve made one for everyone else but not one for myself. These look like wonderful colors to start with!

  33. Yay March! Not only is it National Quilting Month but it is also my birthday month. I would make a quilt for the church aution that supports our church camp.

  34. I would love to win a fabric bundle to use in a quilt for my great-grandson who is presently in the hospital after having 7 seizures this morning.

  35. How beautiful the fabrics are. Would love the chance to win them and then decide from your magazine which to make.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  36. I have 11 Grandchildern with one on the way. I have completed 4 Quilts and would love to win this collection to make the next one form My Grandson who love these colors. thanks you for the chance to win.

  37. I would most definitely make a quilt. I’m thinking of either a Mariners Compass or a Wheel of Mystery quilt. I have been wanting to make both for a very long time but have not found my fabrics yet.

  38. I would love these…as a new quilter on a budget I have to restrict myself and really pick and choose my fabrics carefully and on sale, so I don’t have much of a stash. Would love these to get started!!! Plus, it is my birthday tody and blue is my favorite color… 🙂

  39. I have only been quilting for a year and I have so many ideas of quilts I want to make, I need to make two baby quilts next, and then I have two full size quilts on the drawing board for next Christmas, plus I am making quilts for Hospice, and our quilt guild makes Preemie quilts for the hospital. So many project to choose from, so I know I could put that fabric to a fantastic use!!

  40. I love quilting so much , but I don’t always get time to do it. Winning this would give me more incentive to make time for quilting. It is always more fun when you have more fabrics to work with. Please pick me! 🙂

  41. I need to make a quilt for my husband’s aunt. These colors would be perfect for her! Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed. Either way, I’ve made the color choice. Thank you for helping me make that decision!

  42. I think i would make a quilt for my cousin….she has helped so many of us who live away take care of our parents when they needed help…..i could not list all she has helped when our small town residents were old and passing away….she moved home to retire but God had other plans for her and she has really done the job for him…now she is not feeling well and she is still helping take care of our Aunt in another small town about 60 miles away….my cousin is a Saint I believe……

    1. I think I would make a Quilt for my cousin. I could not list all the elderly people in our small town she has helped when they were sick or dying. She moved home to retire and relax but God had other plans for her… She deserves something nice to be done for her.

  43. Beautiful nature material – I think I would make a quilt or wall hanging for one of the brother in laws – spends a lot of time in the woods and on the water.

  44. Hoffman fabrics are the finest for quilting and sewing projects. I would love to win a ‘bundle’. If I were that lucky, I would incorporate the different prints into a new original quilt called “Charming Spools”. I have completed one, and am in the process of piecing a second one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  45. I love bali fabrics! These are so beautiful! I have been wanting to make a “Storm at Sea” quilt for awhile, and have been saving pieces for it. These look like they would get me closer to that goal!

  46. I would use the fabric to continue in my project of making lap quilts for wheelchair patients at a local hospital where my church ministers. Sometimes I have fabric given to me use for these and I also buy fabric, batting, and other supplies. This brings me enjoyment in my retirement years.

  47. I have been looking for fabrics to use in making the Crossed Canoes quilt. These would be PERFECT. My husband and I love to kayak and this just seems like the perfect combination of colors to use!

  48. I’m new to the quilting world but am in love with it already. The colors, patterns and finished projects are awesome. Can’t wait to start another one soon.

  49. Oh those fabrics are beautiful. I have been considering purchasing some batiks, but winning would be so much better. I am thinking strip quilt using the strip ruler technique!!!

  50. Needed to correct my email address. Please choose me, as stated above, I’d love to make a courthouse step quilt & blues would look beautiful. They also remind me of the ocean, as I only live 3 blocks away from the beach.

  51. I’m taking a stipe jacket class and these fabrics would be perfect or I’m also new to quilting and have no stash so this would be a good beginning.

  52. I would love to have these to fill a gap in my stash. Seems like I always need “one more” color to accent what I already have. What a great assortment!

  53. If I was blessed to win this bundle, I would try it in Dereck Lockwood’s Starburst pattern, or the American Valor star quilt from your last issue! I have recently been made aware of Balis and batiks and I would love to use them!

  54. This is beautiful fabric. I would most likely use it for a wall quilt. But my final decision would have to be made once I actually see and feel the fabric and it “speaks” to me. Lol

  55. I would love to make a wall hanging for our log home using the Hoffman fabrics. They are too luscious to leave in my stash and to wall quilt would let me look at them all the time! Thank you!

  56. I would love to win this bundle. Not sure what kind of a quilt I would do yet. It is a wonderful bundle. Might share with my best friend and quilting buddy.

  57. Most likely I would stare and fondle it for a while. Then I would make a quilty sewing machine cover and some accessories for my room, and a bag or two with added complimentary fabrics.

  58. National Quilting Month what fun, and what beautiful colors in this fabric selection, shades of blue have always been one of my favorite colors. I would definitely use them in a quilt, or a bag or oh my the possibilities are endless. Good luck to all the participants and thanks for the chance to win one of these wonderful fabric packets.

  59. We just got a new Murphy Bed display for our cabinet and countertop store and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to make a quilt for the bed in it. I can see myself bringing my sewing machine to work and getting others excited about quilting again. Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. I see the colors of “spacious skies”, “purple mountain majesties” and “sea to shining sea” from America the Beautiful. I would search my patterns to come up with the perfect quilt that would showcase these.

  61. With all those beautiful shades of blue and green I’d probably make a log cabin quilt or maybe a tote bag. Have a neutral Bali Pops I could also use with this

  62. Beautiful fabrics. I would definitely use them to make a quilt but not sure what pattern I would use yet. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Crossing my fingers!

  63. I have twin grandchildren coming in the next few months and want to surpise ‘Mom & Dad’ with quilts for the babies. This fabric would sure come in handy! I’m just learning to quilt, so they will be sooo surprised!

  64. Really love the colors. I’m a fairly new quilter so I’m not certain what I would do with this fabric, but I would love to do a wall hanging for my sewing room.

  65. I have not gotten to work with Hoffman fabrics for a long time……but I am ready to do a quilt of beautiful colors for our quilt groups cancer outreach!!

  66. Wow – these fabrics would be perfect for a marine-themed patchwork quilt I am designing which will incorporate applique phytoplankton shapes (especially diatom chains) and be quilted in a wavy undulating pattern. Beautiful fabrics – good luck to all 😉

  67. What beautiful fabrics, not sure what I would make yet it is always so hard to decide. So many things I want to make. Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. My daughter lost her 22 mo. old son and I’m trying to create a “sanctuary room” for her. I made one “Faith” wallhanging for her and it matches those beautiful fabric colors so well. They are calming, soothing and healing. It would be such a blessing to make a beautiful prayer shawl for her, and maybe some pillows for the room.

  69. Gosh , I would really love to win, my husband would love for me to win, my dogs would love for me to win, and my friends would love for me to win :0)
    I would even do a Happy Dance !

  70. What a terrific giveaway!! Would love to add these to my batik collection for that “project-to-be-determined-at-a-later-date” project. Good luck everyone!!

  71. I’m this close (hold your thumb and index finger about 1/4″ apart) from taking a quilt out of the frame. After a quick binding, I’ll be ready for my next project. New fabric is always an inspiration for that next quilt!

  72. Beautiful collection! I think this needs to be a quilt that will showcase the colors. Something that starts out light in the center and radiates to the darker colors! I’ll have to play with some designs if I win! Thanks.

  73. As a wanabe quilter for MANY years and now a beginning quilter, I could certainly put these fabrics to good use. As yet I do not have a “stash” but this would get me started!

  74. My husband is in Afghanistan right now, army, so I am keeping busy learning how to quilt! I would use this for a pattern that I plan on sending him when Im done!

  75. Beautiful colors!! If I were the lucky winner I would then decide what I would make. As a beginner quilter it takes me longer to decide what I will make than it does to make it. Love your TV show, website and quilting tools. Just purchased your rag quilt scissors and loved them so much two of my friends also purchased them. Thanks!!!!

  76. This are gorgeous and the colors that I want to use to make my husband a quilt. The name of the quilt is CounterPoint by Mountainpeek Creations. I have start collecting a few of the Bali’s but don’t have many so this FQ bundle would really get me started!! Thank you for a great give away! Good Luck Everyone!!

  77. Love those colors and I would definitely make a quilt with them. Probably would keep the quilt here although everyone fights over new quilts and who they actually belong to in the household.

  78. These are beautiful. My hubby just gave me a New York Beauty book and a book on color optics. I would have to blend these two books together with these fabrics. And, if I win, I promise to move the Krylon workable fixitive off the same shelf as the spray starch….hmmm…I might have to do that anyway….. 🙂

  79. These are beautiful fabrics! I would love to make a quilt for my husband. He is always telling me he’s last on my “who to quilt for” list. 🙂

  80. what wonderful colors. There are way to many ideas floating around in my head as to how I would use them should I be lucky enough to win them. Waterfall, bargello,backgrounds, appliques`, the list goes on.

  81. These colors would go beautifully with an embroidered Flower quilt (in yellows, pinks and reds) my granddaughter asked me to make for her. I can see it now.

  82. These are beautiful fabrics . I would love to win. If I was every so lucky to win I
    would make maybe quilt, a bag, or a shawl for kids that have cancer. I know the color
    are calming, give such soothing ,and healing. I know the possibility are endless.
    I love your show and magazine. I wish everyone luck that enters. Thank-you for the chance to win these beautiful fabric bundle.

  83. I am finishing a donation quilt for “quilts for the injured solders, and I think I would make another quilt to donate to our American Veterans. We have a group that is making quilts, and last year the organization delivered over 300 quilts to injured men and women at Walter Read, and the navel hospital in Virginia. I would add some if necessary to make more than one.

  84. If I won these gorgeous fabrics I would make a lap quilt for my sister while she’s on the chemo machine & a lap quilt for a friend for when he has to have dialysis. They keep the hospitals & dialysis clinic freezing cold! They would come out beautiful & warm with Hoffman fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win. :-]

  85. I would make a baby quilt using the fat quarters for my new grandson. The blue colors would be a first for me since we have 3 granddaughters & their quilts are all shades of pink! Love your magazine! I have been a subscriber for several years & have made several quilts from the magazines. Keep up the good work!

  86. I’ve recently started doing Judy Neimeyer’s paper pieced quilts and these shadings of hand dyes are perfect for many of her patterns. So gorgeous!!!

  87. l’m a transplant from the rainy British Isles now living in drought-stricken Dallas, Texas and those incredible fabrics inspire me to make something watery — a seascape I think. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to portray the deeps, then sunlit waves and finally their foamy crests? I have more enthusiasm than skill at the moment since I’ve just begun to quilt after 30+years of dreaming about it but your bundle would bring it all to life; from my mind to the sewing table to even a prize winner perhaps! Help me get there PLEASE?

  88. They would be perfect in a quilt that I am making for my daughter. She is a wildlife biologist and I am making a pictorical quilt of animals that she has studied and places she has been. She is in New Zealand right now.

  89. I’m a beginning quilter. Those are my colors. I’m finishing a quilt for my daughter who’s getting married in July. Time to make one for me!

  90. I was so excited, both by the fabric and my idea of how to use it that I got my email address wrong. The second one (above) is the right one. I do hope I haven’t disqualified myself!

  91. Would to receive these fat quarters! Fat quarters are one of my favorite pieces of material. And in May I will be going to a class for paper piecing and would be great to have these fat quarter!

  92. I don’t know what I’ld make as I never win anything and I don’t even know what a fat quarter bundle is but I am sure I would think of something! I have been quilting a long time and am always amazed at how much I don’t know.

  93. If I am the lucky winner ! I will make a quilt to raffle off to help my daughters raise the $2300 they have to raise to participate in the 3-Day breast cancer walk.

  94. The Fabrics are wonderful !! Should I win this selection from Hoffman I would make a quilt for my bedroom. Thank you-Happy National Quilting Month!

  95. My oldest grandson is graduating from college and he just finished Officer’s Training School. He will be stationed at Pearl Harbor, driving the CHAFFEE,starting soon. I would love to make him a quilt with the wonderful colors you have shown us. Maybe something representing the sea.

  96. I am working on making quilts for raffle baskets to raise money for a local cancer hospital and I would LOVE to add this very special quilt made from such lovey fabric!

  97. I would use the fat quarters to make a quilt for my sister. We had an argument 2 years ago and have not spoken since. The quilt would be a lovely peace offering.

  98. Beautiful! These look like great stash builders, and since I’m new to quilting my “stash” definitely needs it. I’d try to make a quilt with it.

  99. I’m a beginning quilter. The other day my aunt, who has been like a second mother to me, said she wished she had a “Nanny” (her mother, my grandmother) quilt. All of hers were used until they wore completely out. If I had those beautiful fabrics I would make her a quilt.

  100. If I were lucky enough to win one of these gorgeous sets of fabric, I would make a quilt for my friend, whose husband just got stationed at an army base far from where my husband and I are going. I am going to miss her terribly and I want to do something special for her. She helped me be strong through my husband’s first deployment to Afghanistan.

  101. I will use it for a quilt for my niece, Madison, who will be 18 in June. She loves the greens/blues. My hubby is making her a walnut burl cedar chest and the quilt from me will be inside it. She loves her walnut table that he made for her for Christmas & sleeps with the quilt I made for her parents wedding 23 yrs ago. She needs one for her own memories.

  102. I have seen other quilts made with the Hoffman fabrics and think they work up beautifully. I am not sure what pattern I would use at this time, but I am sure it would be a quilt for my daughter.

  103. I would add it to my stash! Because ………
    “No one expects a stamp collector to use his stamps. No one expects a coin collector to use his coins. So why should I use my Fabric Stash?
    I may not live to use all the fabric I have, but each piece is important. Each item I have represents a dream I have, a dream of making something special for someone. Those dreams keep me going. They give me a reason to hang in there, so I can make this or that for one of the special people in my little world.”

  104. I would love this to make an Around the World quilt.. I think that these prints would make awesome panoramic view.. moving in and out.. don’t you???

  105. I started a month ago on a journey to make quilts for all my grandkids and my children, with the goal of 1 a month. I am on quilt 3. Fabric bundles would only expand my ability to complete this goal!

  106. I’d LOVE to win. I’m trying to plan out what pattern I want to use to make a quilt for our master bedroom. I want to make the quilt first and then to the redecorating of the room, around the quilt design. And I love batiks!

  107. I would love to win the batiks. They are my absolute favorite and being disabled and on a fixed income.. it usually isn’t in my budget to buy these fantastic fabrics. If I win I would make a quilt to be given to someone in my senior housing complex who has just had surgery or a medical problem. Quilts show so much love!

  108. All the fabrics you tell us about, are the best for making quilts and wall quilts ! Thank you so much for your guiding us along to be better quilters !

  109. Beautiful Colors!! I love Hoffman!! The possibilities are endless! I would love to make a bargello or star quilt. The colors would be perfect and would look so beautiful!

  110. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to own these beautiful fabric. I’m not sure what I would make with them right now. I have to touch and feel them for awhile before I could say what I would do.

  111. If I am the lucky winner of one of these packs I will use it in a girlfriend challenge that I am participating in. I plan to give it to one of my quilting friends for her birthday!

  112. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would make the spearmint bundle into an Irish Chain table runner! What a perfect prize for St. Paddy’s Month 🙂

  113. Love the greens for any project, however I would use those in a quilt for my living room where I could find relaxation looking at the lovely colors.
    Love the Bali’s the best for all projects.
    Have a super creative day.

  114. I would LOVE to incorporate these colors into one of my quilts I use for my trunk shows- numerous times I am ask “what colors or fabrics did I use” – I first tell them them the original fabrics – but alas… sometimes they are not available.. but they are always my first choice!

  115. Iám a new quilter, useing old machines, just got a new one and a new pile of fabric to enjoy would be awesome!!! pick me, pick me……

  116. My child has (finally!) moved out and I am moving to a smaller place. I want to design my bedroom from scratch, something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity. I was just thinking yesterday that a new quilt in “my colors” would be a great place to start.

  117. I have three boys that want quilts, so it would definitely be used somewhere! I am a new quilter and am learning that one can never have too much fabric!

  118. Those colors look like water to me, so I will be doing a “STORM @ SEA” quilt.
    Think of the Atlantic Ocean during a really bad storm with a ship being thrown around and the waves slapping the side of the ship. Maybe some grays at the top of the quilt done with strips for clouds. and the monkey wrench blocks between the strips and Strom as the waves that are done in both the gray and green and blues.

  119. I would make a patch quilt with machine embroidery in about half of the squares and machine embroidery quilt stitching in the other half to secure the quilt layers.

  120. I would just like to win the fat quarter bundle because I love green and that bundle looks just delicious. I will find something to make. I’m too old to plan ahead.

  121. I would love to win these! Not quite sure which of the many quilts I want to make would get these beautiful fabrics. I think I would need to have them in hand to help me decide!

  122. I’ve been wanting to try out Jennie Rayment’s ideas for a “tucked” quilt – and these fabrics would be perfect! Hoffman is a name I’ve come to trust for high quality and what’s not to love about handprints! Love the colors!

  123. Not real sure what I would make, probably a baby quilt since I am just learning to peace them. I would love to win the material, I am sure my quilt would look so much better with coordinating material. Pick me please.

  124. I am just starting out but if i were to win i would use them to help complete the quilt im tryin to make for my son using his baby,toddler,lil man clothes 😉

  125. I love to quilt and am helping my son show off his wonderful photography talent but making framed photo transfer quilt blocks. My daughter and I are also wanting to make matching purses and this fabric would be perfect for both projects.

  126. If I was fortunate enough to win these gorgeous fabrics, I would make a quilted, zippered carry-on tote bag. I’ve been wanting to make one from batiks and this collection would be absolutely perfect!! Thanks for another chance to enter and ‘maybe’ win! 🙂

  127. I have finished my last ufo and all the quilts for family members over the last 10 years. Now it is time to pull out my favorite and make a quilt just for me! These fabrics would look great in that quilt!

  128. I would like to enter the contest. I’m not sure what I would make if I won, but I know it would be something for me since I never make myself anything.

  129. These pretty fabrics remind of the various stages of grass. I would make a quilt for a soldier to remind him/her of the green grass of home.


  131. Just as I do with all new fabric, I would spend lots of time feeling the fabric and imagining exactly how best to use it. Sometimes I dream about the perfect project. Other times I find inspiration in a magazine or other media that is the “one” I want to make. Such fun having new fabric!

  132. Beautiful fabric! I would love to win these fabrics and incorporate them into a Storm at Sea quilt for my son. He lives in Florida so he has seen many storms at sea so a quilt with that name would be perfect.

  133. Looking forward to spending National Quilting Day playing with other quilters making Quilts of Valor! Hoffman fabrics would make it absolutely perfect.

  134. I love working with Hoffman fabrics, the quality is unsurpassed and the variety is unlimited. Oh to dream up a project to make with new fabric…! Another quilt, maybe one for my granddaughter or one of my grandsons! So many choices

  135. I would love to win these fabrics to make my MIL a thank you quilt for introducing me to quilting and how much I appreciate what she has taught me. (patiently)

  136. I have two quilts for men I need to do. These would be a great start. I also want to make a quilt to auction for the animal rescue I work with, Almosthomefoundation.org

  137. If I were fortunate enough to win I would use the fabric to make a quilt for my bedroom. Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while!

  138. Happy National Quilting Month!! What a fabulous way to celebrate with such beautiful fabric. I am sure I would find a wonderful way to use these fabrics.

  139. Wouldnt it be wonderful to win a bundle of these blocks then to make a choice of what to sew oh to dream – dream big if your going to dream

  140. How exciting to enter the Hoffman California Fabrics Spearmint Bali Hand Prints Fat Quarter Bundle.

    The colors are gorgeous!
    If I should win, I would definitely make “this” a quilt for myself and it would a first for me.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  141. With my fabric i will make 20 lap quilts for a localnursing home. Last year i made 16. Rather than take a name off a tree, this is my way of giving to the elderly. My income is VERY low, 650$ a month, so the extra fabria will really help. Just finishing up with 30 (yes 30) cuttle quilts for ‘Quilts for Kids’. I sell a quilt here and there and that helps me with fabric. I sure hope i can win. Helen

  142. These would come in handy because my granddaughter is 11 and is just getting into wanting to make a quilt so these would be a good start to her stash for quilting.

  143. I do volenteer sewing and this fabric would really help me, being a very low income person. It is absolutely wonderful that you are doing this. i am quite sure that whoever receives the fabric will put it to good use. Thank You Helen

  144. The colors would make a wonderful springboard for a child-friendly quilt made by our group, Quilts from Caring Hands. I can see using the cool colors to make it soothing, sparked by some pops of yellow and/or orange for playfulness.

  145. Please enter my name in the drawing. I have several projects in mind that I could use such beautiful fabric for, but most likely, I would make a wall hanging.

  146. My daughter, her daughter, and my son’s daughter have just begun to learn to quilt. These beautiful fabrics would make a great addition to our “stash”.

  147. First of all I LOVE FONS & PORTER’S. It is the only magazine subscription I refuse to let lapse.

    I have a pattern for a bag that I think would look awesome in this fabric.

  148. I’m working on an Ocean inspired quilt to donate to a local non-profit auction in June. This beautiful fabric would really work for my theme! 🙂

  149. Living on the coast of North Carolina the colors remind me of the ocean. I would make a wonderful quilt for my bed so I would feel I was near the beautiful waters. Hoffman makes the most amazing colors ever!!!

  150. Just started learning how to quilt thru classes on line where we are learning a different block each month. I could use the fabric to help built up my stash.

  151. I find so many great ideas in the magazines that I don’t know which one to pick,but I’m working on a t-shirt quilt now & could use some of the fabric for borders.(thanks for the chance!)

  152. I think those fats would make a lovely backdrop for some floral applique. I’ll raid my batik stash to make the flowers, maybe add a butterfly or bird (or two or three). As for the size, that will depend on what I have available for boarders and/or sashing. With spring just around the corner, maybe I’ll just do a wall hanging.

  153. Ooohh, I can see it already…. don’t know the name, but its diamond shaped, colors dark to light, back to dark in the middle. Simple yet very pretty! Can’t wait to get started so PICK ME, PICK ME! please….

  154. I am looking for unique and new fabrics to make tablerunners or small projects to supplement my income due to unemployment. This would help greatly 🙂

  155. Oh, that would be perfect for my “play” room curtain… I’m planning on doing a lone star roman shade. (note: my “play” room is where I sew, compute and other office related tasks, and watch tv).

  156. I’ve been wanting to make the Amish Buggy Wheels quilt using batiks but these might just need to go in the Coastal Landscape wall hanging I’m planning to do this spring!

  157. I can always use another fat quarter to make quilts for children in crisis situations. I currently am making quilts for an organization that works with abused and neglected children. My next group will be crib quilts for unwed mothers who are giving their children up for adoption. So a fat quarter, jelly, or yardage will always be welcome on my shelves.

  158. I have wanted to make a bargello quilt, these fabrics would be wonderful to work with. My birthday is coming upsoon, this would be a nice prize. I hope I win.

  159. Great colors…and do I ever love these fabrics! I have lots of stash that would blend with these to make a lovely quilt for one of my granddaughters! Will be waiting…….

  160. I would like to win a bundel to make my hubbie a quilt, or my first grandaughter a quilt. I would just like to win! Free material thats like winning the lottery!

  161. If I won the bundle, I think I would like to make a quilt for ME! I have never kept anything that I quilted. All were gifts or donations. My New Year’s resolution it to make myself a wonderful quilted something in 2012!

  162. I would like to win these fabrics. I could use them on a quilt called Transparency out of a new quilting book I bought recently called Quilts made modern by Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr.

  163. I love these fabrics, such beautiful colors! I just bought the book, Simply Triangles, by Barbara Cline. I think I’d make one of the patterns in the book. Not sure which one. I have to see the fabrics first.

  164. Wow, what great timing this is…I was just asked to make and donate a raffle quilt for a local Relay For Life team. I am thinking a color wash Trip Around The World would work great with those colors. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric collection.

  165. I have a wonderful applique pattern I’m eager to try. It’s based on a Burmese lotus blossoms. I plan on using all Batiks for the hand applique. The colors in this pack would add a nice dimension!

  166. 17 years ago I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer with unknown primary site. After surgery I endured two months of radiation which knocked the life outa me. I am a nurse and was no longer able to work. A single mom, 3 of my 4 kids still dependent. My sister took us all into her home for several months while I was going thru this valley. I had no income during that time, and have since been on disability, so money is limited. I have been trying to collect enough fabric to make my sister an appliquéd quilt to show her how much it meant to me to take us all in during a very difficult time. These are her colors!! By the way, 17 yrs cancer free! Yay!! Thank you Lord!!

  167. Having started quilting 3 three years ago, I am decorating my newly painted living room, foyer and hall with quilts/wall hangings. These colors are perfect for this project I am excited about doing.

  168. I have been trying to collect enough fabric to make my sister an appliquéd quilt to show her how much it meant to me for her to take my children and me in during several months I was being treated for cancer. These are her colors!! By the way, 17 yrs cancer free! Yay!! Thank you Lord!!

  169. I would make a quilt for my granddaughter, as I am making quilts for all three of them. I already made one for two of my granddaughters and am working on one for of of my grandsons right now. Several yet to go!!! Thanks

  170. I just found a quilt pattern for batiks that would work perfectly for these. The colors have to vary from light to dark in a single colorway and there should be subtle to no pattern.

  171. I love Bali prints. They remind me of my first home- the Philippines. I would love to win. Bali makes such beautiful material. Thanks for letting me enter.- Cindy

  172. I love the peaceful colors of this collection. I am doing a big fundraiser in a few months, and would love to whip up a beautiful quilt to raffle off. Would make someone really happy. This collection will blend beautifully.

  173. I would use these to make a quilt that would go to a wounded warrior or a veteran. I work with a fantastic group of ladies that do just this plus make quilts for hospice, homeless, children of deployed, and gold star mothers (mothers that have lost children in the wars). The fabrics would go to a very good use.

  174. My, my, such pretty fabrics! If I were to win these, I would share with a group of quilters whom I am teaching to quilt. Quilting is so popular (again) and I want to teach all I have learned from Fons & Porter to keep this craft active.

  175. Ii have been experimenting with the new interfacings that allow you to shape fabric. My next project will be a leaf bowl I saw on my new (to me) website, Capital Quilts. Hope I win! I have loved fabric all of my life. Just ask my husband. Thanks for the wonderful magazine and website.

  176. I love these colors and the fabric is fantatic. I just found the TradeWinds pattern and am itching to get started soon. Keep the inspiration coming.

  177. I will be making my first full size quilt in retirement. I will be retiring soon and want to tackle a large sewing project since I have the skill and now will have the time. Thanks:)

  178. I would make a wallhanging for my 86 year old mother who has had some bad falls, and is unable to sit long enough to do much sewing any longer. She loves the blue shades and her house is decorated in blue tones, so a wall hanging with these colors would really brighten her day. I would add some color in the form of some birds as applique, as she is quite the bird lover and watcher as well. Thank you for considering my comments.

  179. I am in the process of making a quilt from the Friendship Triangle Exchange from Laundry Basket Quilts. Loving the way it uses up Fat Quarters. The more I have the better the quilt will be. I hope I win!

  180. If I were lucky enough to win I would halve them with my best friend. Times are tough and this would let 2 of us have some wonderful fabric. We would probably choose a challenge pattern and see who does what with this beautiful stash. (Staring off dreamily.)

  181. Starting a class next weekend for a quilt called “Hollow Cube” pattern by Sara Nephew. I think this collection would look great as part of that quilt. Hope I win, if not, congrats to the one that does.

  182. I would love to win. I have several projects that I’m working on. 1st would be a lap quilt using applique because I’m trying to learn how to and then I have 3 or 4 more lap quilts to do for my daughter and daughter-in-law and a couple of sisters.

  183. Those are my colors, as well as my daughter’s, who also quilts! If Iwere so fortunate as to win them, I’d either add them to the blacks to make a college graduation quilt for my son, or a quilt for my 89 year old dad to take to dialysis with him 3 days each week!

  184. I’m not sure what the fabric looks like, but I will use it to make a summer weight quilt for my queen size bed. I love making quilts, but don’t seem to get around to making one for my husband and myself. What a lovely reminder it would be of all you folks! Please enter my name. And thanks for all you do for quilters.

  185. I there has been a table runner that uses batiks, I have been waiting to find just the right colors of fabrics for. I would put some of these to use in that pattern. I think they would stand out perfectly.

  186. If I were lucky enough to win this beautiful Bali Package, I would love to do a Bargello quilt with it. I’ve been wanting to do one but haven’t found the right fabric. This is definitely the right fabric for it! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  187. I’d like to make a star wall hanging for my dear son’s fiance. She just loves my work and has been asking for a wall hanging.. These colors would be perfect for it!

  188. I LOVE Hoffmans! I would pet them for a while, then let them sit & marinate near some quilt patterns, and when they told me what they wanted to be when they grew up, I would make a cute little quilt for a grand-niece or grand-nephew! Thanks!

  189. I have a 4 patch quilt I would like to make….thanks for the opportunity to register for this! If I win, great…If not, then congrats to the one who does. Looking forward to seeing some unique quilts on your post!

  190. The fabric is beautiful and makes me think of rainy weather or a stormy ocean. I like simple quilts since I’m not very good yet so it would have to be an easy design to start. I’m not sure of the blocks I would use.