Happy Cuddle Up Day!

Happy Cuddle Up Day!

Megan, one of our art directors, celebrates Cuddle-Up Day everyday here in the office, where it tends to be chilly especially in the morning.

According to Megan, there is no better way start the day than to settle-in, get comfy, and down to work cuddled in a quilt.

Everyone needs a quilt at their desk…don’t you think?

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6 Responses to Happy Cuddle Up Day!

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh to be able to work wrapped up in a quilt:)

  2. Sue Cardy says:

    Have received 2 copies of my new subscription and love the c onvenience of receiving it in the mail and being able to read on line also!! Am looking forward to receiving my 3 free bonus books for signing up!!

  3. Vera Poplin says:

    Did not know today was cuddle up day but would you believe that is what I made today. It was a cuddle up kit I bought at quilt show a couple of months ago made using minkie. You know what a mess minkie makes—- well I have a clean sewing room this afternoon and I will be ready to cuddle up if we have cold weather. OK had 70 yesterday.

  4. Carolyn Nentwick says:

    I made this “Snowball” quilt in thimbleberries. Good job…

  5. Lucky you, I wish it was cold enough here to get under a quilt!!

  6. Shania Sim says:

    Many thanks for the post.Much many thanks. Really Cool.

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