Got Scrap Quilt Patterns?

Courthouse Stars - Scrap Quilt PatternsScrap quilt patterns are some of the most requested projects from our Fons & Porter readers. And it goes without saying, some of our favorites also!

This is a photo of one I made for Love of Quilting Scrap Quilts Fall 2014 that could have been made as early as 1930, but made of reproductions of today. The name of it is Courthouse Stars.

The possibilities for creating colorful quilts using patchwork designs from our stashes and collections are endless! History tells us that scrap quilts were made from frugal leftovers from garment sewing. But, we also see rich fabrics used in crazy quilts – beautiful stitches, full-bodied velvets and satins – from the same time periods.

Scrap Quilts Summer 2015 - Scrap Quilt PatternsIn any case, they were probably proudly displayed and gifted, and warmly given and used, as the quilts are that we make today.

Make your own scrap quilts! Check out our Summer Scrap Quilt ’15 issue on newsstands now and create a little history of your own. Visualize it in your stash fabrics, and it may be a good occasion to visit your local quilt shop for more!

A scrap quilt pattern is a great way to practice and define your skills using fabric you already have. And if you’d like to try a new tool, there are quilts in this issue that feature the Fons & Porter Hexagon Ruler, Quarter Inch Seam Marker, Tri-Recs Tool, and Tucker Trimmer 1 and V Block tools. Check out the free Sew Easy quilting video tutorials on QNNtv that show you how to use each tool.

Happy Quilting!

Diane Tomlinson
Associate Editor

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