Friends and their opinions are priceless!

How do you work out a quilt design?

My friends and I enjoy designing our own quilts.  We are traditional, practical, contemporary and eclectic—sometimes all at the same time!

We all use our own techniques aScreen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.13.38 AMt home. Graph paper, sketching freehand, EQ Software, Adobe, and Corel Draw, to name a few.

But, the best design tool we have is each other. When we get together at retreat or classes to give each other feedback about projects, it is invaluable. We cut and paste paper designs, hold swatches up for each other, and go grab swatches out of our own fabrics to audition in someone else’s quilt.

Sometimes that means we set about remaking or redesigning the quilt we started, but we’re happier with the results. Our opinions—good, bad and truthful are priceless, as are the laughs and good times we have doing it!

I hope you all have a group of friends to share with, whether it be a quilt guild, small group or friends over coffee (or a glass of wine, of course!)  Sometimes it’s not so easy to get to get together in person, whether it be distance or health. That’s ok because you still have a community in Quilters Club of America (QCA). At QCA, you can join other quilters like yourself in conversations, show and tell, and special interest groups like Civil War Sampler, Mystery Quilt #10 (stay tuned for the next one), Quilting for Charities, and the Show and Tell Gallery to share what you are working on and see what other quilters are doing!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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One Response to Friends and their opinions are priceless!

  1. valerie csmith says:

    I like working out designs with my sister-in-law. She always has great ideals

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