Friday Funday: Comment Challenge!

Happy Friday! (Unless you’re in Australia? It might be Saturday there by the time you read this.) We’d like to give all our wonderful blog readers a special challenge: We want 300 comments on this blog by 5 pm today. (That’s 5 pm U.S. Central time, so you may need to use this handy time zone converter.)

If that goal is met, PRIZES will be given away! One winner will receive a bundle of lovely floral fat quarters from Mary McGuire Design:Β 1151043_10151551244586048_1332554533_n








A second winner will receive the Anne Handbag kit from Clover & Violet, which uses the same Mary McGuire fabrics as the fat quarters:


So, are you ready to accept the challenge? Since these fabrics are floral, tell us your favorite flower!Β Ready… set… comment!

ETA: Wow, you all are so wonderful! There were over 300 comments within an hour, and there are 870 total! Congrats to our winners, Petrina C and Judy J!

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874 thoughts on “Friday Funday: Comment Challenge!

  1. Good morning! LOVE the fabrics on the bag. I love making handbags and backpacks – so easy to truly personalize them for finicky teenagers. Have a great day and a faaaabulous weekend!

  2. My favorite flower is a carnation. Expecially pink. From a little girl I always loved the cinnamon like fragrance and they always lasted much longer than roses or any other flower I remembered.

  3. I like to feel fabric and look at it and then decide what to make out of it. My best projects have come from fat quarters including 6 quilts in the last 2 years!

  4. Right now my favorite flower are the roses on my rose bush. So fragrant and GORGEOUS this year….lovely pink, dark pink and yellow…Double Delight.

  5. I love using fat quarters for projects – these fabrics are so fresh & happy looking. I’ve made several purses/bags using fat quarters & love the idea of so many fabrics on this bag. Very nice.

  6. It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I have to I’llnoick Lillies! They are so absolutely gorgeous! Especially the day lillies that you see growing beside the roads here in Virginia! Beautiful!

  7. As soon as I finish converting my garage to my sewing room, I will be going gang buster to get treasures ready for Christmas. I know some one needs a bag. Both prizes would would be great towards that end. Carroll MELLINA

  8. I love making bags and purses! If I win I will definitely make one and send a picture. The fabrics are beautiful and I like to make them scrappy. Can’t wait to use them up.

  9. My favorite flower of all time is a daisy, but i love all the colors and textures of most summer time blooms! These fabrics have the same feel…beautiful!!

  10. My favorite flower is the Double Hollyhock! It is the loveliest of all Hollyhocks because its petals are ruffled like a rose. I planted my first Hollyhock in 1979 after my father told me it was his favorite flower and I was not disappointed at all.

  11. Whatever flower is blooming right now, today it’s daliahs but I’m anxiously waiting for a pot of white daisies with blue centers to open. Probably not daisies, but I don’t know their real name. Bought it because the blue centers fascinated me.

  12. I love roses and black eyed Susans, and lillies, but really I love any flower, when I sit in my garden with all the color, I relax. Guess that is why I love to quilt, the color and texture and the hum of the sewing machine, I relax!!

  13. I just love your web site and your program Fons and Porter. Some day I hope to go to the store in Winterset, Iowa. The fat quarters would make a lovely floral quilt. I don’t have a favorite flower I love them all!

  14. I love lilies, tulips,daisies ,hydrangeas roses, black eyes Susan’s, I could Go and on. After my cancer treatments my husband made me a victory garden. Adding new flowers after each appointment. I love it and him too:). Quilting is my hobby! I love it and love collecting fabrics

  15. It would be so hard to pick just one flower as my favorite. I think Lily of the Valley or Daffodils. Love the scent of the Lily of the Valley…reminds me of my Grandma!

  16. I love Fons and Porter! And I love making bags. .. especially with great fabrics!

    My favorite flower? It’s always been the yellow rose. I even tattooed one on my calf!

  17. Tiger Lily’s.
    The very first flower/plant that I bought when I first started gardening (years ago, now).
    It still pops up ever year, strong as can be!
    Actually, I have quite a few tiger lily’s now from that same plant (separate the new growth every year).

    When I found out I was having a little girl (6 1/2 years ago), I knew instantly what her name would be.
    Lily, of course!

    Lily is wild, strong, and beautiful. Her eyes and big, innocent smile can light up any room.
    Kind of like the tall, bright orange Tiger Lily’s growing along the fence outside our kitchen window.

  18. I really don’t think that you’ll have any problems
    Reaching 300 coments
    Not to mention that each one that is left
    Are all fans and customers
    Thank u as always for the wonderful contest
    And congrats to the winners

  19. I love Fons & Porter! I’ve been a fan for years! Have several of their quilt books. Love watching their videos. These colors are beautiful. I would love to make a bag from any of these beautiful fabrics! Oh, yes!!

  20. I love so many flowers it is hard to choose! I do love day lilies probably the best if I had to pick just one! I love the variety of colors and how they spread year after year, they remind me of my fabric stash in every way!!

  21. I love flowers, but especially ones that smell good like lilacs, honeysuckle, Jasmine, roses and all other smelly flowers. Love them, love them. And I love the fat quarter bundle and the handbag kit. Can I win both? lol

  22. I love lilies, pansies, sunflowers and the list could go on because I love all flowers. It would be wonderful to win the purse kit. I have wanted to make a purse or tote but have been busy making baby quilt for my great grandson and a wedding quilt for my granddaughter.

  23. My husband grew roses before we moved south. He used to pick one for me every day they were in bloom. He passed away 3 years ago. So, roses are my very favorite flower and will be till I join him in heaven.

  24. I love the fact the two women started a business of something they love and how it’s grown. Liz and Mary Ann are an inspiration to me! Along with Mary Fons who also started her own business! Makes me think I can do it too!

  25. My favorite flower is the miniature rose! I particularly love the color “salmon” or coral.
    These fabrics are so bright and cheery. I would be honored to win them and make something beautiful with them.
    Thanks for the chance……

  26. For me it’s a tie I adore both lilies of the valley and violets.
    These fabrics shown are so vibrant….thinking of which quilt
    I would love to have them in. Good luck

  27. The Fons and Porter Easy Quilt book has been my best quilting buddy since I am a budding quilter. I also appreciate your TV show. Thank you and happy quilting:)

  28. Lilacs – they smell incredible and came in various shade of my favorite color – purple!
    Thanks for the give away – I’m sure we’ll make it!

  29. I love all flowers, but if I have to pick one it would be roses. A close second is dahlias. Love the colors in the fat quarters and the purse pattern is really cute!

  30. My favorite flower is a rose. My Dad was a rose grower, and my husband often cuts just one rose from the flower bed and brings it into the house just like my Dad did for my Mom. Roses are beautiful memories for our family.

  31. Colorado Columbine since I live in Colorado. Would love to win the fat quarters – am working on converting a room on the back of our garage to a quilting studio – so will need to build up my stash!!1

  32. Love all flowers but this summer I am loving my hydrangeas! They have lasted so long and really brighten my day when I see them. Now to check out drying them so I can enjoy them through the long winger!

  33. Roses, I love roses, sweetheart roses, long stems, pink ones, big fluffy over blown roses with lots of petals, tiny wild roses with just a few petals, but I LOVE roses…my granddaughter’s middle name is Rose because Gramma loves roses!

  34. Just bought a new house and get to set up a new sewing room! It also has a blank yard so some of my favorite flowers, Hydrangeas, will go in strategically, to be seen from various places around the place. Fun work inside and out! Hope I can add these gorgeous fats to my limited collection.

  35. My fav flower is the Aster – they come in lots of colors but don’t you just love a quilt made out of purples, pinks, greens and whites? I know I do – so girly and feminine.

  36. Favorite flower? It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. Lilac? Brings back many childhood memories. Spring bulbs….made up my wedding bouquet. Thanks for the fab give away. I know you will hit 300 comments!

  37. I love flowers of all kinds. For the past 20 years I have enjoyed having a flower garden and really like a variety. Morning glories are just beautiful when climbing up a fence or trellis.

  38. Roses. My Mother Olive had a beautiful Rose Garden, I named a Daughter Olivia Rose in honour of her and my son now sports a lovely rose tattoo…so roses will always be special.

  39. Fat quarters are so fun to use because of the variations of colors and the ones you have shown are really pretty. I haven’t made a bag yet and am anxious to try one.. Thx for giving all of an opportunity to win!

  40. My favorite flower? That’s a tough question to answer. As an Advanced Master Gardener, I love many plants. I guess I would say the common Geranium. Especially red ones. Nothing says summer like Geraniums.

  41. Has to be the rose . . . no wait – violets . . . no wait – peonies . . . no wait – lilacs . . . no wait – daisies . . . no wait – hydrangeas . . . no wait – pansies . . . no wait . . . oh well, you get the idea . . . love those fabrics πŸ™‚

  42. I have loved lilacs ever since I “stole” some from a neighbors bush when I was a little girl. (My mother made me take them back and apologize to the neighbor.)

  43. Hmmm, I really have never chosen a favorite, but Lavender Roses and a Stargazer Lily really make my day! I have never won anything, so this would be an awesome treat to go with my new sewing machine!

  44. I love carnations and pansies are a runner up! I LOVE the colors of these fabrics and the floral prints! How did you know I have been wanting to make a bag? That would be awesome, I would LOVE to win either of these. Thanks for the chance!

  45. I love Fons and Porter, TV show, magazines and quilts. I’m currently working on a baby quilt from Easy Quilts. I used FQ’s instead of yardage, wow how easy and beautiful it is turning out. I already have a couple ideas should I win this bundle. Thanks

  46. I have never used fat quarters, would love to win this bundle so I could experience working with fat quarters……a tote bag kit would be fun also, so either item I would love to win.

  47. I adore the “snapdragon” …
    when I was very young our next door neighbors were an elderly couple whose yard was filled to the brim with flowers… everytime I was outdoors they would have me come over and have the snapdragon “talk” to me.. πŸ™‚ it was so neat! ever since I love those flowers.. πŸ™‚

  48. I get your magazine every year as a gift for my birthday. Love it. I also try to grab your special issues too and the easy quilts one too ( i forget the name ) My stash needs help so either prize would be great to help make holiday gifts!!! FIngers Crossed πŸ™‚

  49. I love Lavender Roses! I also love the florals and could use them in several projects. Right now I could use them for some of the outfits I am making for my granddaughters 18″ American Girl Dolls.

  50. Oh how I love anything to do with Fons & Porter. They have taught me so much and I have made so many quilts from their patterns. Wonderful instructions that you cannot get from any other. Love most flowers.

  51. PANSY!! No matter how topsy-turvy my life can get, I walk out to my flower garden and I have the prettiest pansies just smiling back at me and they just make it so much better.

  52. FORGET-ME-NOTS. Love those sweet little blue flowers and no matter where I see them I always think of my Dad who used to walk me out to see them each morning we shared as a small child. πŸ™‚

  53. I don’t think you will have any problem getting that many likes because everyone loves Fons & Porter. Your site and your magazines are the best ones of all.

  54. Picking a favorite flower is somewhat difficult. I love spring flowers; tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, and hyancts (?). Summer flowers bring different colors with my favorite being vinca. Fall brings mums. I’m planning to make a flower quilt and have been looking at patterns.

  55. My favorite flower is hydrangea. They are so beautiful when they bloom.
    Love the vibrant colors in this fat quarter bundle and the purse is lovely.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Mona Collins
    Melbourne, FL

  56. My favorite flower is a pansy. Their beautiful colors seem to brighten up a gloomy day. I am a positive person. Pansies are positive posies! πŸ™‚

  57. My favorite flower is the ROSE……it reminds me of my Mom because she always
    had roses and gave to my children to take to their teachers. Red ones are our favorite for sure!!

  58. My favorite flower is pansies, especially the dark purple that look almost black. BEAUTIFUL……just like the beautiful fabrics you are showing!! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!!

  59. I love all flowers however the violet is my favorite. As a child the banks of a creek that ran neat our home was covered with wild violets every Spring. It was so beautiful and the smell was pure heaven.

  60. I had a terrible scare with my granddaughter this week and if I had not had my quilting and applique, I would have lost my mind. I am so very grateful for this hobby and “addiction”. I would love to win these beautiful florals.

  61. I love and adore Carnations, they make me smile anytime I’m lucky enough to have a vase of them in my craft room and they have been the subject of many an embroidery project.

  62. I love Jasmine, I love it so much I named my daughter after the flower. But deep down I really love all types of flowers. So while I say I like Jasmine, I also like tulips, tiger lilies, roses, etc…

  63. I would have to say violets are my favorite flower, because I have such good memories of picking them for my great grandmother and my mom as a child, and of my children picking them for me. Still remember putting them in water in left over pill bottles on the windowsill in the kitchen. Seeing them makes me smile, whether in the yard, or on fabric.

  64. I’d love to win the pattern, I need a bag to carry my change of clothes in when I go out ballooning. This bag would be perfect to put shorts and Chaco’s into!!!

  65. I love all flowers – they are my go to whenever looking for colors that go well together. My favorite are the wild violets. Such a dainty little gift of purple beauty, sometimes in unexpected places.

  66. I love Fons and Porter. Of all the quilting magazines available I find Fons and Porter to be the one keep going to . Love the PBS series. Although I miss seeing LIz , Mary is a nice addition.

  67. My favorite flowers are tulips and lilies. I love the variety of colors in the tulip family. I used white star lilies as my main flower in my wedding in remembrance of my great grandmother.

  68. Oh, just love the Sweet Pea and have since I was a young girl picking them in my Grandma’s garden… the smell is divine and full of wonderful memories!

  69. I’m a sucker for snapdragons, but my absolute favourite flowers are the blossoms on the orange tree in my back yard, because they indicate how huge my orange crop will be. That tree is over 50 years old, planted by my husband’s maternal uncle, for HIS mother’s enjoyment. That tree gives the sweetest, juiciest, seedless oranges, every year.

  70. I love all flowers so that is a hard one….. but probably snapdragons. I love all the colors they come in and used to make them “talk” and “sing” as a child with my Grandma.

  71. Go Fons and Porter! As soon as I see those names pop up, I sit up and take notice. Fons and Porter is a name I am proud to see on any of my quilting notions, quilt kits, quilt shows from TV (I think I have them all on DVD!) and magazines, wow! and anything else! In 2010 I went on a Fons and Porter Quilt Cruise, and spent a half hour just shooting the breeze with Marianne Fons! Such a super woman! It is one of my fondest memories! Thanks Fons and Porter, without you my life would be extremely dull.

  72. I love to hand quilt. I started a whole cloth; but my husband became very ill with his heart early March of this year. As a registered nurse I have been taking car of him instead quilting. This would be a nice project to start and get back in the groove. Love your tips and show and notions.

  73. I seem to have a favorite flower for nearly every month, but being I was born in April the sweet pea tops my list. The fabric is beautiful! Thank you Fons and Porter for always inspiring my quilting.

  74. I love flowers of all kinds!! I’ve recently fallen in love with the shabby chick & vintage look and from what I can tell, these would look wonderful made into either type of quilty projects!! I watch your TV show every week, my favorite part, is the tips!! So many great ideas!!

  75. Gorgeous fabrics & pattern. My favorite flower is an orange Tiger Lily. I had these growing outside my bedroom window growing up & transplanted some of them to my home now. They remind me of being young & hopeful.

  76. There are so many flowers that bring me happiness that it’s hard to choose. Love Lily of the Valley, Lilac, daisy, pansies, Hydrangea…and sweet smelling roses. Love floral fabrics and I’m planning on working on a quilt of flowers for next Spring. Would love to win.

  77. I love the handbag colors….the turquoise/yellow/white well as the other pinks and purples. These little bags are such fun to make. When I need a new purse, I make one of the color I need at the time.

  78. Oh! The gorgeous Mary McGuire fabrics could make THE most beautiful surprise gifts, such as a lap quilt, for an elderly person who could use some ‘flowers’ in their life. What a joy your gift could make for a person who is older, down & out. Thank you for a chance to win the fabrics, which I’d immediately turn into a secret gift quilt for someone.

  79. You have over 600 posts. That is great…Do you read all of these? Love your magazine.. My favorite flower is Sweet Peas. They smell wonderful and there colors are so pretty. Thank you for the giveaways.

  80. I love all flowers, but my favorite is Old Fashion Roses. I grow them in my garden and my “handle” on most links is “Gemrosegarden”. My mother’s name was Rose, and my niece, Rose, named all her girls middle name Rose.

  81. I have made so many patterns from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine and the directions are marvelous! I haven’t always found that in other publications. Thank you for many happy hours of quilting!

  82. My favorite flower is the iris. Both my mother and grandmother grew them and so do I and both my daughters, the one using them in her wedding. I also love those fabrics and the bag design! Would be thrilled to win either.

  83. I love all flowers, but Roses and Iris I f I have to pick!! Cherry Blossoms smell soooo good tooo!! I would love the fat quarters they would make beautiful quilted table runners!! That would always be in full bloom!!!

  84. Favorite flower?? I love them all!!! I pick one as my favorite then find another one. Perhaps due to the amazing fragrance lilacs give off I’d pick them if I had to pick just one. I LOVE the bright colors of this fabric bundle!! Was just thinking this past week that I needed to make a new purse/bag….these would be great!!

  85. My favorite flower is the purple larkspur. It reseeds and always leaves me a few offspring to redistribute through my garden each season. I love it’s colorful intensity next to wispy pink cosmos and multicolored snapdragons. I love the fabric bundle. It reminds me of the bright colors of my garden on a sunny summer morning.

  86. My favorite flower is the iris. Irises come in many colors such as blue and purple, white and yellow, pink and orange, brown and red, and even black.

  87. I love roses and lilies of the valley….and hibiscus, peonies, violets, carnations…lol! and on and on. I love flowers! What a fun giveaway! thanks.

    1. I came here on Aug 11 to see if a winner was posted. Just for fun I decided to look for my post. I was surprised when I couldn’t find it after looking through everything twice. I was sure I had posted in the afternoon long before 5pm…and here my post is marked 6:21pm. Confused and hope I still qualify. Thanks. Posting time delay?

  88. Now that is very hard to answer as every flower is my favourite but if I had to choose just one I would have to say Lily of the Valley, with their sweet little white bells just ringing out to me to take a little sniff!

  89. I hate to say it but I prefer artificial ones. I’m the kiss of death for flowers. In fact, I murdered an air fern. Other than that, floral prints lend themselves to so many wonder projects.