Fons & Porter’s Thanksgiving Potluck

You know it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at Fons & Porter without a potluck. You know how much quilters love to eat! Today our staff went above and beyond and brought in some great food. 




We even had a special guest for lunch. Marianne Fons came by to celebrate the holiday with us. I think a trend has started, we have a potluck and a famous guest appears. I wonder if George Clooney is busy next month?

Marianne and Jean

Marianne has been traveling a lot lately so we were excited to be able to visit with her. It is so much fun reminiscing about funny stories and family events.

I almost forgot to mention we had cheese curds from Wisconsin. I don’t know what the people in Wisconsin do to make their cheese so great, but keep up the good work!

We hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is a festive occasion spent with friends and family. And don’t forget, it is ok to take veggies to Thanksgiving Dinner. We did and they were fantastic. 

Until Next time…

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant

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2 Responses to Fons & Porter’s Thanksgiving Potluck

  1. Jeanenne Nielsen says:

    It would of been great to be to your pot luck party. I would have like to meet Marianne.

  2. poglejME says:

    Realy nice article. I was looking for something similar for long time. Finally found it here. Thanks.

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