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Cherry Cordial Quilt
Cherry Cordial

We have so many quilt patterns and so many quilt kits to choose from, where to start? That’s why I’m here! I’ll show you around so you can peruse the wonderful world of Fons & Porter quilts with ease. This is pretty exciting stuff — our newest quilts — so feel free to ooohh and aaahh from time to time. I do it everyday!

Night & Day Quilt
Night & Day

Let’s start off with a bang! Cherry Cordial by Marsha McCloskey is from the Love of Quilting July/August 2016 issue. This beautiful medallion-style quilt features an easier version of the Feathered Star. The “feathers” are only on one side of the star point triangles. A modified Feathered Star makes for an intermediate project rating as opposed to a challenging one. I like that! To make it even easier, Marsha McCloskey offers her Feathered Star Ruler for some quilting support. Love those quilting accessories that improve accuracy and efficiency!

Hide & Seek Dory Quilt
Hide & Seek Dory

How about a Star quilt that isn’t a Feathered Star, but has the same classic feel? Night & Day from Quilting Quickly July/August 2016 is rated challenging, but it’s definitely worth it. This two-color quilt is bed-sized to adorn a queen-size bed or to fold up at the end of any size bed! The slight changes in value seen in the black fabrics are such an enticing aspect to this quilt, it was imperative that Night & Day be offered as a quilt kit.

Red, White & Gratitude Quilt
Red, White & Gratitude

If you’re looking for baby quilt kits or baby quilt patterns, here’s a great one for you, although this quilt is perfect for big kids (and adults), too! This interactive quilt, Hide & Seek Dory, was inspired by the Disney movie Finding Dory ©Disney/Pixar and can be found in the Easy Quilts Fall 2016 issue. The quilt border has 3D bubbles that flip open to reveal fun fish! It’s all about the characters for this one, so the Hide & Seek Dory quilt kit is an option for you.

Blooming Yo-Yo Runner Quilt
Blooming Yo-Yo Runner

Marianne Fons hit it out of the park with her Red, White & Gratitude quilt featured in the Love of Quilting July/August 2016 issue. What a stunning patriotic quilt! This quilt was made with the Quilts of Valor foundation in mind, but of course, this throw quilt pattern can be created just for you. This project is rated easy, so it’s simple to make. You might find that heat erase Frixion pens (6 ct) really come in handy when piecing this quilt together. They’re great for marking patterns and lines and they don’t smudge or fade.

Scarlet Swirl Quilt
Scarlet Swirl

Harkening back to the days of our grandmothers (and beyond), making yo-yos can be a nostalgic practice for some. Whether you have quilting in your lineage, or you’re the first to enjoy the craft, creating yo-yos is a lot of fun and assembling them into a finished project is quite rewarding. It’s not often that you find a project that focuses on yo-yo making, so when you come across one, it’s a keeper! The Blooming Yo-Yo Runner from the Quilting Quickly July/August 2016 issue is a yo-yo sensation that  lives up to every expectation of what a yo-yo project should be. The beauty of this one is, you can take your work in progress with you when running errands or catching a plane. The Blooming Yo-Yo Runner is adorable and finishes off a table quite nicely. If you want to make the table runner as you see it here, we offer a quilt kit for this project. We love this one!

One of my favorite styles of quilts is the bargello quilt. This type of quilt has a style unto its own and can be easy to make, although project ratings vary on these, as they do with all quilts. The Scarlet Swirl quilt from Easy Quilts Fall 2016 is rated easy, so if you’ve never made a bargello quilt before, this is a great place to start! It’s also a great place to start for anyone who’s looking for a simple project with a fascinating arrangement. It’s not always an intuitive task, choosing fabrics for a bargello quilt, as the tones and values play such a large part in the overall appearance. For that reason, we offer a quilt kit, to take the stress out of prep for an easy, enjoyable and fun quilting project!

See anything you like? There are plenty more where those came from! It’s always fun to window shop for quilts and quilting projects. Take a closer look at our newest issues and you might just find the quilt you’ve been looking for. Helpful quilting accessories and tools are available to make quilting more enjoyable, as well, like precut baby quilt kits, beginner quilt kits, useful tools and video tutorials, and more. We also offer great deals for subscribing to Love of Quilting and Easy Quilts if you want to have access to all of the quilts from these magazines with every issue and enjoy an extra something when signing up!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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