Fons & Porter Staff Pets and Quilts

Happy Valentine’s Week from Fons & Porter. We know many quilters are also pet lovers. During this Valentine’s week we will highlight some of the members of the Fons & Porter staff and show how their pets help them make quilts.


Barnaby enjoying his personalized handmade stocking

Today we would like to introduce you to Tony Jacobson and his 3 adorable pets, Barnaby, Harley, and Jackson. Tony is the art director for Easy Quilts magazine and has also created many beautiful quilts for both Easy Quilts and Love of Quilting.

Tony gets a lot of help from Barnaby with the sewing of his quilts.

Barnaby being a big helper





Jackson is Tony’s Old English Sheepdog. Jackson not only keeps Tony company in the sewing room, he is also a model for his very own art quilt. This special quilt not only has a fantastic front, but check out the back…very original!

Jackson's Backside


All three of Tony’s pets have inspired him to create keepsake quilts. This quilt features Barnaby, Harley, and Jackson.

Family Picture

We hope you enjoy reading about how our pets inspire us. Stay tuned for more staff pets tomorrow.


Happy Valentine’s Week!

Mandy C.   Editorial Assistant

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6 thoughts on “Fons & Porter Staff Pets and Quilts

  1. Aftr I get accustomed to my new sewing machine, or is it sewing cmputr. I will probably use those gorgeous fabrics in a quilt for my daughtrs birthday.

  2. Hi, Fons!

    My name is Judy Teppert Hauser. I was Tony Jacobson’s high school English and Drama teacher at Stuart-Menlo High School. I am now teaching English and Speech at Des Moines Area Community College. I would love to get in contact with Tony. Would you please give him my message and ask him to email me.

    Thanks so much!